Lin Flanagan

Lin is our longest-serving tutor at Guitar Weekends and has run a variety of courses including: Strugglers, Improvers, Acoustic Folk, Intro to Fingerstyle, Intro to Jazz, Chord Harmony and many more.

Lin Flanagan

With Guitar Weekends

Lin started working with us in the late 1990s and has run many diverse courses. From generic ones such as Strugglers and Improvers (beginner and intermediate levels respectively) to specific subjects such as: Acoustic Folk, Chord Harmony and Intro to Jazz.


Background and career

He has performed in a wide variety of both live and recorded settings throughout the UK and Germany. These have ranged from solo classical guitar work through to performances with a forty-five-piece orchestra, as well as small group jazz, folk, rock, blues and country.

He is a former principal guitarist in the Mantovani Orchestra (UK).

He has been a guitar teacher for 30 years.  While maintaining a career as a performer, as a passionate educator he chose to concentrate his studies on developing a guitar and music theory teaching style that was founded upon a considerable wealth of knowledge.

As an accomplished author, he was a regular columnist for Acoustic Magazine as well as articles for American Profile, Just Jazz Guitar and Vintage Guitar magazines in the USA, and the music journals of the Registry of Guitar Tutors and the Banjo-Mandolin-Guitar Federation in the UK. In addition, he is the author of Moonlight in Vermont: The Official Biography of Johnny Smith; and he’s currently working on a collection of transcriptions of Johnny’s celebrated chord-melody arrangements.

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