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Welcome to the hobby guitarist’s ultimate dream holiday !

We run a wide range of courses such as Blues, Rock, Americana, Strugglers, Folk, Jazz, Improvers, Rhythm, Improvisation, Performance and many more for hobbyist players (acoustic, electric and bass); from a  beginner to an intermediate player who’s maybe stuck in a musical rut or even an accomplished guitarist looking for inspiration. Our aim is simple – to help players improve and enjoy their music.



techniques and know-how


as a group

Get motivated

to improve

Have fun!

and socialise with other hobbyists

A bit about our courses

As part of a group, you’ll learn technique, know-how and repertoire and improve your overall musicianship.

We  aim to play pretty much non-stop on our courses with everyone, regardless of level, being able to participate.

You’ll be inspired by the tutor but also by the other players in the group ; your confidence will increase and you will feel  motivated to improve your playing.

Lastly, it’s a chance to enjoy the company of fellow guitarists for a spell away from work and home life –  to play and have some fun!

Most hobby players struggle to get the time to play – let alone improve! This is where our courses come in. For some, our courses are a source of expert tuition, others a social break from the daily hum drum but mostly its a combination of the two.

We often hear comments such as:

  • “everything I play sounds samey”
  • “I make the same mistakes over and over”
  • “I tend to just play by myself”
  • “how do I get better?”, etc.

Our courses are designed to help players break out of this ‘samey, samey!’ conundrum and have some fun along the way in friendly, like-minded company.

We provide you with the correct ‘tools’ and set you off in the right direction but the work is really done by you at home. Our focus is on not just the course itself but also helping you to prepare for it and follow up with any questions afterwards – during your practice!

Practice makes …… permanent; proper practice makes perfect! Our courses are very effective at kick-starting players or exposing them to cool things they’d never thought about or thought that they could ever do. In the words of one of regular Weekenders, “they’re addictive!”


Upcoming Events

29th November - 1st December 2019
The Holiday Inn, Swindon
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What you’ve missed earlier this year

Earlier this year we ran the following (some which will be running again next year):

  • Strugglers
  • Rhythm
  • Licks, rhythms and grooves
  • Beginners
  • Arranging a song
  • Acoustic Blues
  • How the Blues works
  • Improvers
  • Maintenance
  • Gypsy

If you’d like to find more about upcoming courses that are not in the current schedule – please contact us.





What’s it like on one of our courses?

Often when players arrive fresh on a course they can feel a little anxious. This evaporates within the first session and we’re soon playing together like old friends. By the end of the course, everyone usually leaves on a ‘total high’ and can’t wait to put their learnings into practice.

As part of the Joining Instructions for a course, we advise players what gear to bring along and provide Prep Sheets which offer some suggested practice specific to a particular course.

Our courses are relaxed, structured teaching events run by experienced professionals at venues up and down the country. We always get a great bunch of players coming along, often with their spouses or partners who are very welcome and usually join in the Saturday night performances, ‘bar breaks’, breakfasts and dinners.

Each course naturally has specific subject matter to cover but we ensure there’s time for jamming and personal performances. The courses cater for acoustic, electric and bass players of all standards; beginner to advanced. We have lots of different course formats to suit most players with our Friday to Sunday being the most popular but also mid-week 2 day courses, one day Jams, extended and even short weekends.

Our courses are a special mix of learning essential techniques and useful know-how, non-stop playing as a group peppered with many soloing opportunities, picking up new tunes and embellishing the ones already known. We relish those light bulb moments in players’ eyes – these are maybe brand new items that are gap-fillers in their knowledge or even open up new totally new avenues of interest!

As well as the Prep Sheets prior to a course, we provide comprehensive notes when on a course and follow-up materials after the course to assist in practice; we’re also always there to answer any questions or ‘light bulb’ clarifications.

Our courses are diverse and many – check out What’s on to see if anything is of interest.

We’ve tried to answer as many regular questions as possible in our FAQs.




If you know the specific course you’d like to buy for someone – simply go to that particular Course via What’s On and make a booking.

If you’re unsure which course to buy for someone, click on the Voucher button below. If you’d like a voucher for yourself, do likewise (players often do this when taking advantage of any seasonal offers).

Contact us if you need any help or advice.


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What people say about us

“I’d like to add my thanks to one-and-all for an excellent weekend – I didn’t wake up ‘til 10.30 this morning which must say something about the demands of the course and my lack of stamina….”  Nigel H

“What a wonderful weekend! My heartfelt thanks for persevering with us weekend rockers and for making the whole thing enjoyable and entertaining as well as educational. It was great to be a group member and to get the opportunity to play with such keen and friendly axemen!”  Chris H

“Hi everyone, it was great meeting you all and for the fun we had…congratulations on another excellent course and for taking the time and trouble to get us all through some wonderful material.”  Alasdair S

“Thanks to everyone in the group for a great weekend – the venue was excellent and I can recommend it to you all for another time. Hope to see some of you next year”  Paul B

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A few more ....

“Thanks to everyone in the group for a great weekend – the venue was excellent and I can recommend it to you all for another time. Hope to see some of you next year”  Paul B

“Thanks for a fantastic, eye-opening, mind-expanding weekend, and thank you all for your company, kindness and the craic.”  Hilary G

“Many thanks for an enjoyable weekend and for continuing to provide me with a second home! .Well done to all  – hope to see you all again another time ……..It’s addictive!!   Paul A

“Hi to all, my thanks for a well organised and very well run weekend. Everyone was welcoming and friendly and I look back on with great satisfaction. All in all a great venue, organisation and tuition with lots of new friends.”  Andy E

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