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Welcome to Guitar Weekends – the home of quality online and residential guitar courses for hobbyists (beginners to intermediate) as well as semi-pros and pros.


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nail songs and self-improve

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1st Dec 2020
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8th Dec 2020
Online, 1 lesson
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Guitar Weekends has been running high quality guitar courses since 1994. Our courses are both online and residential catering for raw beginners, all levels of hobby players to semi-pro/pros across genres such as the Blues, Rock, Americana, Country, Folk, Jazz, etc. along with the likes of  Rhythm, Improvisation, Performance, Chord Harmony and many more. All of the courses are run by a great bunch of top professional teachers/players.

Obviously, while we’re under Covid-19 restrictions, our residential courses have been suspended along with our Jam Days – fingers crossed things take a turn for better in 2021. We can also provide private 1-on-1 lessons.

Our focus is not just on what to play but how to play and why things work. We want players to expand their repertoire, improve technique, expand their knowledge and, most importantly play to their full potential enjoy their music.

Online courses

These courses are short, live and interactive – they’re not DVDs! We try to make these as accessible and interactive as possible and ensure there are top class follow-on materials for where the ‘real work’ is done – at home. They usually cover: lesson sheets, full score TAB, multi-speed backing tracks, video snippets, in-lesson videos, etc.; they enable players to perfect songs and practise properly for ongoing self-improvement.

Residential courses

These are real learning/playing guitar-fests! They’re all pretty much non-stop with evening work and jamming thrown in for good measure. You’ll meet and socialise with a bunch of like-minded players and leave with a wealth of material to work on over the coming months.


Check out WHAT’S ON for all the online and residential guitar courses we currently have scheduled.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s interested in guitar then check out our Vouchers below – they can be redeemed against any residential guitar course; buy now, choose later!

A bit about our online guitar courses

As part of a group, you’ll learn technique, know-how and repertoire and improve your overall musicianship.

We  aim to play pretty much non-stop on our guitar courses with everyone, regardless of level, being able to participate.

You’ll certainly be inspired by the tutor. Your confidence should increase and you’ll hopefully feel  motivated to improve your playing.

Most hobby guitar players struggle to get the time to play – let alone improve! This is where our guitar courses come in. We often hear comments such as:

  • “everything I play sounds samey”
  • “I make the same mistakes over and over”
  • “I tend to just play by myself”
  • “how do I get better?”, etc.

Our guitar courses are designed to help players break out of their routine.

We provide you with the correct ‘tools’ and set you off in the right direction but the work is really done by you at home.

For online, these instructions consist of a Zoom link to the lesson along with information about where to collect and Prep materials as well the lesson PDFs, videos, backing tracks, etc.

The guitar courses can cater for acoustic, electric and bass guitar players of all standards from beginner to advanced.

Each guitar course has a comprehensive set of notes with follow-up materials to assist in practice. We’re also always there to answer any questions following the course.


What’s it like on one of our courses?

All of our courses, both online and residential, are live, group events. Due to Covid-19 restrictions all residential courses have temporarily been suspended but, subject to government advice, we plan to run a 2021 schedule. Our online courses run all year round.


Our online courses are running throughout the year – for these courses (usually 1 or 3 lessons each) you simply log in and you can attend:

  • passively with you not on-screen and on mute, or
  • actively both on-screen and unmuted when you want to ask questions.

Just prior to a course, we issue Joining Instructions which explain how to log-in and where any materials such as lesson PDFs, backing tracks, videos, etc. can be downloaded.

If you want to be able to join in with the tutor online with one-on-one coaching then it’s best to have you gear set up correctly – check out our FAQs page for advice.

Our online courses use Zoom and so you’ll need the app for your particular device It’s very straight-forward; check with us if you’ve got any questions. Full instructions are sent out as part of the Joining Instructions.



We always get a great bunch of players coming along (often with their spouses or partners on reisdential courses – they are very welcome and usually join in the Saturday night performances, ‘bar breaks’, breakfasts and dinners).

Our guitar courses are relaxed, structured teaching events run by experienced professionals at venues up and down the country.

We give directions and instructions about what gear to bring, how to get to the venue and what to do when checking and few things more; it will also reference some relevant Prep Sheets which are available on request – great for specific practice/revision.

Each course naturally has specific subject matter to cover but we ensure there’s time for jamming and personal performances.

The courses cater for acoustic, electric and bass players of all standards; beginner to advanced.

We have lots of different guitar course formats to suit most players with our Friday to Sunday being the most popular but also mid-week 2 day courses, one day Jams, extended and even short weekends.

Each guitar course has a comprehensive set of notes with follow-up materials after to assist in practice; we’re also always there to answer any questions or ‘light bulb’ clarifications.

We’ve tried to answer as many regular questions as possible in our FAQs. This includes defining the playing levels we use to categorise the courses; there is a guide to help a player gauge their suitability.


Course Gift Vouchers

Why not buy a Gift Voucher as a present.  There are two types of Vouchers available: online and residential.

Note that due to Covid-19 restrictions all residential courses have temporarily been suspended but, subject to government advice, we plan to run a 2021 schedule. So you can still buy a residential course gift voucher.

You can redeem the voucher against any course in the chosen category. Buy now and the course can be chosen later at leisure.

When you have chosen your course, it’s easy – get in touch and we’ll talk you through how to book it.




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What people say about us

“What a wonderful weekend! My heartfelt thanks for persevering with us weekend rockers and for making the whole thing enjoyable and entertaining as well as educational. It was great to be a group member and to get the opportunity to play with such keen and friendly axemen!”  Chris H

“Hi everyone, it was great meeting you all and for the fun we had…congratulations on another excellent course and for taking the time and trouble to get us all through some wonderful material.”  Alasdair S

“Thanks for a fantastic, eye-opening, mind-expanding weekend, and thank you all for your company, kindness and the craic.”  Hilary G

“Hi to all, my thanks for a well organised and very well run weekend. Everyone was welcoming and friendly and I look back on with great satisfaction. All in all a great venue, organisation and tuition with lots of new friends.”  Andy E


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