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Check out our online and residential courses below. We cover a wide variety of styles and subjects with lots of different formats for all ability levels. Our schedule for online courses is added to regularly; if there’s something you’d really like but can’t make – click on the Enquiry button and let us know.

Upcoming Events

22nd Sep - 13th Oct 2020
Online, 4 lessons
28th Sep - 30th Sep 2020
Online, 2 lessons
5th Oct - 7th Oct 2020
Online, 2 lessons
12th Oct - 19th Oct 2020
Online, 2 or 3 lessons

Interested but can’t attend?

If there’s a course above that you’d like to attend but the date/time is inconvenient then contact us. Sometimes dates/times change and you can be contacted directly to ensure that you don’t miss out.



Our schedule

All of our courses are run by top professionals for groups of hobbyists. Whether online or residential we focus on following:

  • trying to help players decide which course is right for them at the outset
  • providing Prep Sheets for a course for revision or awareness
  • handing out detailed course notes during the lessons
  • providing a comprehensive set of follow-up materials for proper practice and self-improvement after a course.

Materials can vary from course to course but usually include: TAB, information sheets, backing tracks, audio recordings and video snippets.


These are live and interactive. They’re always facilitated which allows for questions and guidance throughout  the lessons. These courses are generally suitable for most playing levels – there’s usually something for everyone.


These generally run in hotels from Friday to Sunday with pretty much non-stop teaching and playing throughout. They are real guitar-fest events with evening work and jamming thrown in for good measure. You’ll meet a bunch of like-minded hobbyists and leave with a wealth of things to work on.

Not advertised – our tutors are also available for private 1-on-1 lessons if anyone requires them (online or face-to-face).

Each course page in the schedule should give you all the information you need but if you’re not sure then contact us.




Courses can be both added into the schedule at any time and, on the odd occasion, change. Check out our News page and our monthly Newsletter for course updates (additions, changes, late cancellations, offers, etc); they also cover lots of guitar exercises, gear for sale, articles, etc. You can subscribe below.

If there’s something you’re looking for but can’t find, contact us.

Residential Course Gift vouchers

If you know the specific residential course you’d like to buy for someone – simply go to that particular Course via What’s On and make a booking.

If you’re unsure which residential course to buy for someone else, or indeed for yourself, click the VOUCHER button below. You can buy multiple courses with a single voucher. Players usually do this for themselves to take advantage of seasonal offers.

If you’re interested in a gift voucher for an online course, simple contact us.