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Check out our Online, Day-Only (non-residential) and Full Weekend Breaks (residential)  guitar courses below. We cover a wide variety of styles and subjects and have different formats for all ability levels.

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15th June 2024
Surrey, East Horsley
22nd June 2024
Darlington, North Yorkshire
5th July 2024
Weekend Break
Surrey, East Horsley
13th July 2024
Surrey, East Horsley
20th July 2024
Surrey, East Horsley

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Our back catalogue of online courses

The currect schedule can never do justice to the breath and depth of all the courses we have run in the past. We’ve received so many lovely comments about all of them. Our online catalogue is huge and we have the materials (PDFs and access to a Zoom recording of the live sessions) available for sale.

Go to our previous courses page to see list.


“Just the ticket to get me going again”, “the online format works really well for me. I can noodle while being taught (sorry – I meant practise!)”, “thanks for allowing my questions and answering them so clearly (and thanks for the additional follow-on PDFs)”, “Just the right pace and level of content , thanks for a really enjoyable and truly instructional evening”, “mind blowing – lots of lightbulb moments”, “Incredible what you’re doing – keep them coming”, “I never thought I’d be playing Blackbird – thanks for braking the fingerpicking ice for me”, “brilliant course with fantastic takeaway materials”, “keep up the great work and keep them coming” and many more.

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Course Gift vouchers

Our guitar courses make for great gifts for family, friends and you. You can purchase Vouchers at any time for online and weekend residential courses; they give players time to consider and choose the most suitable course for them.

They’re ideal for players of any standard from raw beginners to advanced and they cover multiple styles and genres. The process is straight-forward:

Buy a Voucher – you’ll be sent a bespoke Voucher by email for printing off to be added with any card you’re sending; we also usually include the course schedule and some recent newsletters.

Check out the schedule and/or call us for a chat to go through the options.

Decide on a course(s) and book. This done on the course page on this website. Joining instructions are sent out before any course with any balance payments notified then (this is relevant mostly for our residential courses.