About us

Guitar Weekends is about teaching guitarists to be better players. Our standard courses are held in venues around the country and we now also run short, live online courses. We cater for all hobbyist players at different stages in their musical journey. We do this by creating a supportive and relaxed environment coupled with structured learning with lots of group playing, sprinkled with a few laughs!

Diverse countrywide and online courses for all levels

Guitar Weekends has been teaching all-things-guitar since 1994. Our objective is simply to ‘learn, play, get motivated and have fun’. We offer a unique group experience to complement other ways of learning and playing guitar (e.g. DVD, one-on-one tutors, etc.).

We cover:

  • Specific styles such as Blues, Rock, Country, Folk, Jazz, etc.
  • Generic stepping stones from Beginners to Strugglers and then Improvers covering core techniques and theory
  • Fundamentals such Rhythm, Improvisation, Chord Harmony, Fingerstyle and Performance
  • Cross-overs such as Blues to Jazz, Country to Rock as well as Themed courses which look at specific artists and their songs
  • Niche subjects such as Maintenance and Arranging
  • and many others

Over the years, we’ve taught at all player levels from outright and relative beginners, through the average, intermediate hobbyists to advanced giggers and  even up to semi-pro and professionals; but mostly our customers are home-players looking to improve, pick up some great tunes and have a good break with other hobbyists.

We try hard to make sure the correct course is chosen for an individual. Check out our FAQs for some practical guidance.

In addition, once a course is over we’re there to clarify any questions or points. As one of our players once said “superb after-sales service“.

We go the extra mile!

In summary, we provide:

  • A broad range of courses for all levels of player covering acoustic, electric and bass
  • Detailed Course Overviews, Prep Sheets before a course
  • Comprehensive course notes for the actual course, and
  • Follow-up support along with any additional on-course material
Our Courses

Why come on a weekend course?

Players come to:

  • improve their guitar skills
  • build up their confidence and get motivated
  • put in some serious playing time with other hobby guitarists
  • expand their repertoire
  • pick up some really useful theory and learn how to apply it
  • have a thoroughly great time over a busy weekend
Our Tutors Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses work.

The most concise quote we’ve had recently which captures what Guitar Weekends is all about was “Tired but inspired!

The success of our courses can be measured in many different ways: enjoying a good time with others, how much knowledge/technique is absorbed and how inspired people are when they leave to continue learning (and practising properly) as well as the number of players who come back time and time again.

If you’re asking yourself if you’re good enough or confident enough – don’t worry! The combination of course structure and especially the ability of our professional tutors enables everyone to be pushed, regardless of ability, without making them feel uncomfortable. Check out our FAQs for further advice and guidance and we’re always available to talk through the courses and how our weekends work.



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About me

Hi, I’m Ronnie and I’m the owner of Guitar Weekends.

If you’re interested in anything to do with Guitar Weekends then it’ll be me you’ll be chatting to over the phone or on email.

I took over the helm of Guitar Weekends in 2012  from the original owner who was based in Cumbria. Our courses now run both in the north and south. I was introduced to Guitar Weekends through a Country Course given to me as a gift from my wife some years earlier – the whole thing just grabbed me.

I attend all courses and run the Beginners course myself – the Beginners one is an entry-level course for new or relatively-new starters and acts as an introduction to our Strugglers and Improvers courses.

Over the years I’ve picked up a lot knowledge, technique and repertoire from all our professional tutors and so, coupled with the fact that I  started playing in my late teens (with lots of gaps), I consider myself a reasonable player but still a hobbyist – like you!!!

I hope the website is clear and helpful and send me any feedback or suggestions for improvement.



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