Lee Hodgson

Lee has been working with Guitar Weekends since 2010 and and run courses such as: Improvisation, Americana and Bluegrass, Improvers, Country, Themed (Fender-driven, Licks-rhythms-and-grooves), Intro to Blues, and many more.





Lee Hodgson

Although known as a country guitarist and singer, Lee has in fact played most styles of music, having played jazz-flavoured gigs since the ’80s and a lot of pop gigs too, including tours with No. 1 chart act, Odyssey, in 1980–81.

While touring with another chart act, Bobby Thurston, Lee had the opportunity to jam with Stevie Wonder’s Wonderlove. Performing is his passion! Lee Hodgson has played thousands of concerts and festivals including some of London’s most prestigious venues such as Wembley Arena, The Royal Albert Hall, The Jazz Café and O2 Islington.

Lee is also a renowned guitar teacher, having taught at London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) since 1990. He has authored a book, Hot Country, and his monthly columns and transcriptions were featured in Guitarist and Guitar Techniques magazines for over 10 years. Lee is a featured tutor on many DVD/ streaming tutorials for Lick Library and JamTrackCentral. Lee’s video interviews with guitar legends such as Hank Marvin, Albert Lee, Richard Thompson and Jerry Donahue have featured in an online publication, Guitar Interactive.Lee’s exciting new group, Lee Hodgson’s Infinities aka LHI, plays Latin-tinged smooth (contemporary) jazz.



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