Lead Guitar Techniques - Oh Well

This is part of our series on lead guitar; we’ll be looking at ‘Oh well’ by Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac as the study piece for right and left lead techniques. You’ll learn the song but the focus is on soloing.





This session is part of a series looking at lead guitar techniques.

Here we explore the classic song, ‘Oh well’ by Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac). After learning the songs chord progressions, we’ll focus on the solos and the lead guitar techniques.

Specifically, we’ll look at hammer-ons, pull-offs, power chord double stops, fast 16th triplet and 16th note runs, syncopated 16th note harmonised runs.


You should probably use an electric guitar for this one!


What’s included for each lesson?

  • Lesson PDFs or rhythm and lead parts (using TAB)
  • Video snippets of key exercises and sections
  • Backing track minus the guitar part


Playing level: This is aimed at intermediate but most players will get lots from this lesson.


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