Jazz concert

FREE jazz concert by one of our tutors, Jamie McCredie.

Join us for an entertaining evening with Jamie playing some of his favourite jazz classics and chatting to us about them (why he likes them, how he approaches playing, and improvising, over them, etc.)

THIS IS A FREE CONCERT. No booking is required – go to our Facebook page and find the event at the top and click in. This page is for information-only.

We originally ran this concert on The Day (30 April) but Facebook’s streaming-service-gremlins decided to pop in and devaste  proceedings.

Anyway, Jamie will entertain us with three or four jazz classics and tell us why he thinks they’re so special. It’ll be nice and relaxed and he’s fine about answering any questions as we go – just fire them over using the chat facility.

Even if you’re not into jazz (but you might be by the end of the session!) you’ll get something out of it. If you are a jazz cat then you’re in for a special treat.

To join us

Simply go to our Facebook page and find the event at the top and click in. Try to join about 5 mins before we’re scheduled to start.

By the way – Jamie’s Music Corners.

Jamie holds drop-in sessions every Tuesday covering a multitude of subjects dear to every guitarist’s heart. We call them Music Corners and they are designed to give us the tools to self-improve and widen our  knowledge in the following general areas: rhythm, reading music, improvising, understanding music theory, getting good tone, how to play a solo, how to play with a group, how to develop your ear, learning the rules of music through transcribing the history of a genre. Jamie will share key things he has learned over years that have helped to make him the professional guitarist and musician he is today.

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