Two main reasons for not improving on the bass

There are two things that prevent everyone who plays bass from improving but both are easy to put right. We explore.



What we’ll be covering

There are many things that prevent all of us improving on our instruments. Here we’ll look at two main reasons that stop us playing bass better.

The great news is that they are both are easy to put right and this session looks at how you can put these two fundamental errors right and give you an immediate and lasting effect on everything you play on bass.

The session will be focused on knowing what to play and how to play it (technique)! These approaches can be adopted for guitar and so the session is relevant to guitarists as well.



  • Full PDF – this is usually provided after the live session. This means that the PDF is comprehensive and focused on what was actually covered to fully complement the live Zoom recording of the session.
  • Any backing tracks used will also be made available.
  • Zoom recording of the complete live session.


Who’s this session suitable for?

Beginner to intermediate players (bass and guitar alike).

All aspects will be covered/revised during the session.


Home practice

The session is 60 minutes long; don’t expect to master everything during the session. The tutor will go through all the key parts, demonstrating them and discussing the associated techniques and know-how.

The real work is done by you afterwards. Armed with the materials (PDFs, backing tracks and video  recording), you’ll have all the tools to work on things at your own pace.


Booking a place and buying options

When you book you’ll have two options:

1. You want to join the live Zoom session.

You’ll receive the joining instructions on the day. Being live, you’ll be able to put your own questions directly to the tutor during the session. Choose option 1, Live lesson and materials.

2. Maybe you’d like to attend but can’t make it on this occasion?

You can buy the materials and receive them after the session (i.e. lesson PDF(s) and access to a Zoom recording of the live session). Choose option 2, Materials only.


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