Playing practical bass guitar

Put simply, we’ll explore what you already know about playing bass and building on what you can play and what you know. It’s absolutely fine if your new to the bass, maybe trying it as a second instrument or an experienced player. Everyone in the group will be able to play together over the weekend in exercises and song projects and, importantly, all will pushed as far as you want to go!

Day-only course.


What will we be covering?

The bass guitar is all about providing a steady rhythm and usually locks in more with the drummer more than the guitarist. Yes, you can play solos and chord progressions on the bass but its core function is setting down the groove.

At a glance

This course is about putting all of the great things you already know (and whole bunch of things you’re yet to learn!) into practice.

The aim is to help you play cool bass lines and enable you to apply what you’ve learned to playing over some well-known songs.

We’ll cover a wealth of subjects such as: your set-up, RH and LH techniques, constructing and applying rhythmic bass lines over diatonic chord progressions using arpeggios and major/minor pentatonic scales, maybe some practical theory to help put everything into context, linking chords with a range of harmonic devices, adding complexity using more syncopated rhythm and longer harmonic fills. And, of course, learning great bass lines to classic songs.

You’ll be challenged at just the right level that suits you, but pushed so that you come away from this hands-on course playing much more rhythmic and harmonically interesting bass lines.


Who’s this session suitable for?

Beginner+ to intermediate and above bass players.

If you’re happy playing simple root note-based bass lines, prefer the comfort of using patterns and  shapes, or if you’re desperate to escape all of the usual things you play and stretch out, this course is perfect.

Players should have some knowledge of arpeggios to play over major and minor chords. Any ability to play the arpeggios following the chords is a bonus.

There’s something for everyone in all our courses.

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What’s included in the price?

This is a Day-only format and so it’s non-residential. The price for players is all-inclusive of:

  • tuition
  • materials (see below)
  • lunch and morning/afternoon refreshment breaks

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  • Prep sheets are available before the course on request.
  • Course sheets will be handed out over the weekend.
  • Revision and practice materials will be made available to you after the course e.g. audio/video recordings, backing tracks, any supplementary PDFs and photos of flip charts.


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And finally

Our weekend courses are teaching/playing guitar-fests but they’re paced to suit the group so they’re as much about having fun and enjoying a sociable time with fellow hobby players.

Playing together as a group is the best, and most enjoyable, way of learning and experiencing music. The courses have limited numbers to ensure the correct tutor-to-group ratio – book early to avoid disappointment.

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