Basics of improvising

This session is one of our Music Corner series with Jamie McCredie. Generally we run them weekly as one hour drop-ins delving into a broad range of subjects relating to technique, theory, know-how, practice or something topical in the guitar world.

This session covers what is transposing and how to do it. If you’re in a jam situation or accompanying another instrument (including singer) it’s invaluable to know how to move to another key(leaving that capo in your pocket!).

Improvisation is an amazing skill to acquire. The freedom to spontaneously ‘compose’ and play a solo over a rhythm part or inject  little fills into songs is an essential skill built on core knowledge.

The tricky thing is how to start doing it – even if you know a major or minor pentatonic scale, what do you do? Copying a solo isn’t the same thing.

You’re in a jam night and it comes to your turn to take a solo! Panic! Yes, confidence comes into it but confidence comes from knowledge and practice. Where do you start to learn this skill? This session looks at the basics of improvising to help kicj start things or maybe add some additional know-how for players who are already accomplished improvisers.

Everyone will get something out of this session – it builds on knowing your chords in a key (probably as numbers rather than just names), being able to master the barre, learning notes on fretboard, etc.

Overview of our Music Corners

These weekly one hour sessions are designed to give us the tools to self-improve and widen our  knowledge in the following general areas: rhythm, reading music, improvising, understanding music theory, getting good tone, how to play a solo, how to play with a group, how to develop your ear, learning the rules of music through transcribing the history of a genre. Our tutor, Jamie McCredie, will share key things he has learned over years that have helped to make him the professional guitarist and musician he is today.

Relevant materials will be available for each session.

Session suitability
This lesson is suitable for average-and-above players but you should a couple of the pentatonic patterns. Barre chords might be used. Remember that most levels will take away some nuggets from these short sessions to look at and work on later.

Call us for a chat at any time
Whatever level you are, you’ll have lots of takeaways to work on later. If you’d like to go through the course please call or email.

These sessions are more focused on what need to know rather than simply what we would like to know. They’re there to challenge us and widen our eyes and ears to help improve our playing and musicianship. Be patient and diligently work through the material at home.

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