Focus on the fundamentals

We hold these free events each month. They can cover a variety of subjects from topical stuff to a focus on technique, a discussion about one of upcoming courses, etc.

In this session Jamie McCredie (one of our tutors) focuses on why we’ve decided to run weekly Music Corners and what these Corners can mean to you as a player. We focus on the fundamentals.

THIS IS A FREE EVENT AND THIS PAGE IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY. Ignore any mention of booking/paying. Just turn up!

If you’d like to join in, go to our Facebook page and join in around 5 mins before the start time.

Check out Jamie here.


Overview of our Facebook Live events

The events generally last around 20 mins and are suitable for all levels of player – you might already know the subject or it may be totally new you; you’ll still get something from it, regardless. Questions can be asked as we go along via online messages with the most popular ones being addressed there and then.

If you’re totally new to Guitar Weekends, and what we offer in terms of online and residential courses, come along and meet our tutors and mix in with others who know us well and get a sense of what we’re like.


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