For those who are totally, or relatively, new to the guitar. It’s also suitable for more experienced players who are stuck in a rut and need a bump-start. This is a small class size course focusing on forming/changing chords with a groove.

The course has a smaller class size compared to our other courses which allows for more one-on-one time, allowing more time to go into detail, and at whatever pace, suits the group.

We start literally at the beginning. All the basics are covered in terms of:

  • forming basic open chords (and a few other cool ones!)
  • how to change between the chords accurately and cleanly
  • creating a solid strumming groove while changing
  • maybe touch on some very useful and practical theory aspects to help put things into context.

The overall aim is to simply get people playing together and learn a few tunes to take away and finesse. The course will set you off on the right path but the main work is done at home. We provide a comprehensive set of notes to help this process.

If the group is up for it, and we have time, we regularly touch on elementary fingerpicking, delve into the Blues and maybe even touch on Power and the dreaded barre chords.

We encourage most levels of acoustic, electric and bass guitarists to come along from raw beginner (not touched a guitar yet) to a relative beginner (maybe tried but stopped) or even average players (played for a while but are really struggling or maybe even totally stuck in rut).

If you need help checking if this is the right course for you:

  1. Have a look at the course suitability guide in FAQs
  2. Request a Course Overview – this contains some ‘should know’ specifics
  3. After digesting the above, it’s always a good idea to have a chat about the course if you’re still not sure

Once signed up, Prep Sheets are available to allow some focused revision/practice and try to help fill any knowledge gaps.

As with all our courses this course is designed to be a sociable event with other guitar hobbyists; having some fun is as important as learning and playing.

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