Bass Day

The course is focused on reviewing the basics, sorting out any acquired bad habits and getting you playing great bass lines to iconic songs across multiple genres. It’s always a fun day and it’s a great work-out. We’ll play/learn as a group and discuss technique, how to practice, develop new approaches to songs and much more.



What we’ll be covering?

The Bass day is exactly what it sounds like… a full day of playing bass and learning great new things that will help you move your playing to the next level. It’s group-based playing and numbers are limited to ensure lots of opportunities for 1-on-1 guidance and advice. We’ll cover:

  • Learn, know and use chord arpeggios.
  • Learn, know and use a variety of scales.
  • Learn how to play over different chord types and different chord progressions with confidence and fluency.
  • Learn how to create bass lines and improvise bass lines of your own.
  • Learn what makes a bass line iconic.
  • Learn, analyse and play some of the most influential bass lines in pop history.
  • Learn how to improve your musical ear and how to practise ear training.
  • Learn how to transcribe your favourite bass lines.
  • Learn how and what to practise.
  • Play over 1 chord, play over 2 chords, play over 4 chords – play some masterful songs from iconic artistes that will enable you to use every musical tool you know.
  • Learn how to play in different styles – Rock, Reggae, Funk, Soul.
  • Learn the secret of being able to play in any key easily.
  • Learn how to survive a jam, or open mic night session.

 Join this small bunch of players and mix group playing with 1-on-1 guidance.


Who’s this course suitable for?

High-beginner to low-intermediate bass players.

If you can play the following you’ll be fine:

  • 12 bar blues?
  • 12 bar blues in any key?
  • Country bass line?

If you’re not sure, we have Prep Sheets available for the basics: arpeggios, fretboard, pentatonic scales, 12 bar form, etc. These will help get you ready and we could even organise an online prep session; get in touch to find out more about this option.


What’s included in the price?

It’s a non-residential course but players often organise B&B at the venue on either/both the Friday and/or Saturday.  The fee includes:

  • tuition and materials
  • lunch and morning/afternoon refreshment breaks



  • Course sheets will be handed out over the weekend.
  • Comprehensive summary PDF following the course (focused on specifically what was covered).
  • Any snippet videos taken during the course.
  • Revision and practice materials will be made available to you after the course e.g. audio/video recordings, any supplementary PDFs and photos of flip charts.
  • Prep Sheets – these address the basic requirements for coming on the course.


And finally

Our Day courses are teaching/playing bass guitar-fests but they’re paced to suit the group so they’re as much about having fun and enjoying a sociable time with fellow hobby players.

Playing together as a group is the best, and most enjoyable, way of learning and experiencing music. These courses have limited numbers to ensure the correct tutor-to-group ratio – book early to avoid disappointment.

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