Bass guitar - Boot Camp

We have an intermediate level course coming up later in the year. This Boot Camp is focused on preparing players for this course i.e. it covers all the basics. Invaluable to anyone who’s new to the instrument or maybe someone who has dabbled with it but fallen into a bt of musical rut. If you’re not sure then why not join us in a free Facebook Live drop-in on 24 Mar (see the schedule for details).


This course is for bass players only.

This course is going to be a really good starting point to kick start
your all-round bass playing. It’s going to involve looking all of the core elements that will help you play bass properly and allow you to maximise your learning potential moving forward.

Playing level
It’s suitable for beginner bass players.

What you should know before you start the course
No previously knowledge is necessary.

Lesson 1
1. We will learn about all of the different parts of the instrument,
what they do and how they can influence your playing.
2. Posture – The correct way to wear your bass.
3. Basic fretting and picking techniques.
4. The use of the thumb in your fretting hand – Perhaps the most
important digit you’ll use in your playing.
5. How to get a good sound from your bass.
6. We will learn the names of all the notes within the first 5 frets on
each string.
7. We will learn how to find the remainder of the notes on the neck.

Lesson 2
1. Quick review of lesson 1.
2. Learn to use the notes learned in lesson 1 to form a scale.
3. Learn the true value of scales and how they are used in music to
create harmony.
4. Learn the most important scale you can know in music and it’s a
scale that will be the foundation on everything you play in future.
5. Learn the scale patter/fingering and play it from different starting

Lesson 3
1. Quick-fire review of lesson 2.
2. Use your knowledge of notes and the sale learned in lessons 1 &
2 to create a new musical tool – chords.
3. Learn how chords are constructed.
4. Learn how chords are the foundation of every single piece of
music we play.
5. Learn a pattern/fingering for a major chord.
6. Learn the notes and interval of each note in the chord.
7. Play the chord pattern starting from different notes across the
bass neck.

Course Resources
Course PDF workbook that includes fingerboard diagrams.

Buying options

All players are naturally at different levels and so we like to offer the maximum flexibility of lesson choices. The logical and ‘safe’ option is to buy all three but you can pick and mix as follows:

  • All lessons  – this is our recommendation , regardless of your level. It’s a secure way of covering all the necessary subjects and it’s the best value for money.
  • Pick and mix one or two lessons – if you’re confident that you meet the entry requirements.


What’s it like on a course?
The bulk of each lesson is obviously the teaching (usually with a minimum number of questions taken along the way) but we dedicate the end slot for formal Q&A. Being online means that players can elect to either have total privacy with their mic on mute and video disabled or switch them on and join in with questions or even work along with the tutor. The lessons, over and above the outlined specific subjects, try to give you the tools for self-improvement.

A quick note about the materials
We’ve always recognised that the real work takes place after a course and that’s why we pay special attention to the materials in order to help with home practice. The earlier you book, the earlier you get access to the core materials.

Course suitability in general
Check out our guide to player levels v course categories. The course is online and materials are provided and so it might still be useful for players who consider themselves below the required standard.

Overall objectives and a reality check
Yes – our courses are there to look at the advertised subject matter but we also like to challenge players and give you great techniques and practical theory/know-how to work on in your own time. Don’t expect to completely nail a whole song or to be able to fully in command of all techniques or understand every bit of practical theory on the course; it’s fantastic if you can but be patient and work diligently through the material at home. Apologies to anyone who hates the use of above split infinitives!

Call us for a chat at any time
Whatever level you are, you’ll have lots of takeaways to work on later. If you’d like to go through the course please call or email.

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