Stuck in the middle with you

Have some fun – learn ‘Stuck in the middle with you’ (Stealers Wheel). It’s a ’70s’ classic song that’s fun to play and great to have in your repertoire. Excellent for beginner level but there are techniques in there to tax the intermediate-and-above players. Bassists are very welcome on this one – tricky part.





This 1973 classic song by Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan (Stealers Wheel) is ideal for beginner+ to intermediate+ players.

This song is a lovely blend of fun and core techniques. In this single lesson we’ll cover a lot of subjects on top of learning the complete song. There’s everything from strumming the chords (in open position or barre) using different rhythm patterns, to applying double stops in the intro.

The more advanced learner can apply the pentatonic and blues scales to practise improvising a solo.

We will explore how to use major chords, 7ths, a 9th and even an 11th chord. We will discuss how the chords and scales relate to the fretboard and the CAGED system that we so often use to get around the guitar.



Prep Sheets: Chord sheets for open and barre chords used.

For the lesson: TAB PDFs (using a backing track when needed).

Home practice: accompanying video snippets of all key exercises and song sections as well as backing tracks and any in-lesson short recordings.



Guitar: Beginner+ to intermediate+ (Acoustic and electric)

Bass: intermediate to advanced

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