The shape of my heart

Here we focus on how Dominic Miller plays ‘The shape of my heart’ using beautiful chord voicings and distinctive fingerpicking patterns (with Sting on vocals!). It’s a fantastic fingerstyle song  to master and add to your repertoire and wonderful for developing picking technique. This one is aimed at the intermediate-and-above levels (bordering on advanced) for both bassists and guitarists but two arrangements have been done – the authentic, harder one and a much easier one. If you’re into fingerstyle and are looking for a both a fantastic, melodic piece to learn as well as a workout for RH and LH then this is the one!





In this classic guitar piece by Sting and Dominic Miller we will explore “Chopin-esque” chord voicings played using fingerstyle technique. Really, it’s just a minor chord progression that’s been used over many years in numerous different settings but with a twist. That twist is how the chords are voiced or arranged. There are minor, major, major 6th, 7th sus4 and 7th chords in this wonderful piece of guitar music that will suit the late intermediate to advanced player down to the ground. Something to get your teeth into and explore chord voicings that might set you off on a journey into more advanced harmony. Materials will include full TAB, video and audio tracks for methodical practice after the lesson.

The two arrangements will cater for different levels. Strangely, the easier version is further up the neck! Obviously both versions use exactly the same notes but the easier version avoids awkward stretches.

We also have bass materials for this lesson and so bassists are very welcome and will receive some instruction during the lesson and have early access to the PDF.

What’s included for each lesson?

  • A lesson PDF using TAB.
  • Video snippets of all key exercises and sections
  • Audio practice track

Playing level: This is aimed at intermediate and above fingerstyle players.


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