Learn how to perform and play the guitar in front of family members at home, solo or duet at an Open Mic, local Jam Session or in a band to a formal  audience. Gain the confidence to perform and the know-how covering preparation, delivery and handling those nerves.



Performance is on many levels:

  • From just having a go!
  • Being able to deliver a piece competently
  • Maybe actually being able to entertain and enthrall an audience

The group is always a supportive audience. We look at both guitar and voice and how do you choose a tune suitable for your playing/singing level and adapt it accordingly. In addition we delve into the often overlooked area of proper practice and then rehearsal, dealing with nerves, preparing your gear, discussing stage presence, taking away learning points and improving; learning how to learn and much more.

The course is suitable for players of all playing levels (acoustic, electric and bass) but you should have a tune or two under your belt that you can play relatively easily when you’re by yourself. There will multiple opportunities for solo performances. We’ll also slot in some duet and band exercises as well as structured jamming.


Course suitability

The course is perfect for players of all levels.



You’ll be bringing your own music so just a pen and paper for taking notes should be sufficient.


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