Nuggets Series #6 - CAGED Triads

This mini series for the guitar consists of  four sessions. Each session is essentially independent but there is a flow to the sessions. This session focuses on triad chords within the CAGED system. The why, what and how of using triads across the fretboard for rhythm and lead guitar. Kowing when and how to use three string chords is fantastic on so many levels for improvisation, creativity, building confidence and much more.

Ultimately the session is abbout helping you to become a more well-rounded musician; while still having fun and learning to expressing yourself imaginatively.

You can purchase just this session or ALL sessions for a 25% discount.

What we’ll be covering

This series looks at fundamentals for playing great guitar and making you a better musician. So far in this series we have covered

  • Starting to Solo

The materials for this session are still available to buy on request by email.

The remainder of this series will be focusing on:

  • The CAGED system – triads
  • Survival training for a Jam
  • Groovy fingerpicking

All of the above subjects are, by their very nature, wide and deep. This session focuses on playing triad chords within the framework of the CAGED system. Triads are incredibly useful for playing both rhythm (maybe ‘avoiding’ the barre chord!) as well as lead. Learning triads has so many benefits:

  • Gain insight into how chords are constructed.
  • Create melodic accompaniments.
  • Enhance your soloing and improvisational skills.
  • Understand the CAGED system as a way of mapping out the fretboard.
  • Transpose songs into different keys and navigate key changes more smoothly.
  • Appreciate music theory concepts.

Overall, knowing and being able to play triad chords and understanding the CAGED system are essential skills for any guitarist looking to deepen their understanding of music and improve their playing ability.

In this session (#6) we’ll revise the CAGED system and look at the common triads within this framework. We then apply this knowledge by using them in three cracking, and very different, songs.

The materials (lesson PDF and backing tracks) are available NOW.

Each session will focus on a specific facets which are core to the subject and go into the detail of the techniques and know-how that underpin them. We’ll delve into practical exercises for honing the techniques and improving the understanding and application of knowledge.

The aim is for these exercises to find their way into your daily practice routines. Find out what pros regularly practise and value.

It’s always best to attend live rather than just buying the materials.

This mini-course of 4 sessions is a sequential series, so you will get much more out of it by committing to all 4 sessions (recommended and it has a 25% discounted price).

As usual, the session comes with support PDFs as well as Zoom recording of the live session.



  • Lesson PDF.
  • Any backing tracks used will also be made available.
  • A Zoom recording of the complete live session.

And maybe even some bonus materials for live attendees only.


Who’s this session suitable for?

High beginner to intermediate players. Even players who are relatively new to the guitar will get some great ideas and approaches from the sessions.


Home practice

The session is approx. 60 minutes long; don’t expect to master everything during the session. The tutor will go through all the key parts, demonstrating them and discussing the associated techniques and know-how.

The real work is done by you afterwards. Armed with the materials (PDFs, backing tracks and video  recording), you’ll have all the tools to work on things at your own pace.


Online: Live Attendance v ‘Just Materials’?

It’s always best to attend live. Obviously there are certain occasions when players just can’t make it live – this is where our ‘just the materials‘ option comes into its own. BUT we much prefer players to be online with us.  WHY?

Live keeps the whole thing real.

With a live group present, the tutor is not just following a script and sticking to prescribed subject matter. During a live course, the tutor’s alternative explanations, off-the-cuff little gems and general commentary are where the magic and insights lie.

Your actual presence means you’re able to quiz, prod and ultimately shape the lesson to be of real practical value to everyone. You can ask your own question(s) there and then! We’ve found over the years that if someone gets stumped early on in a course their interest can just drop (even worse if you’re just catching up using the video recording). If you’re thinking a specific question you’ll not be alone; it’s always best to ask.

Live means a more dynamic and interesting course.

You can tweak proceedings in real time, remove that misundertanding or mental block, slow down a particular section and go into more detail, ask for something to be explained in a different way, encourage the tutor to discuss peripheral but essential issues, home in on bad habits and seek practical exercises to fix them, get an answer to an aspect of ‘theory’ that’s troubling you, etc. If you’re not there then this is less likely to happen.


Booking a place and buying options

When you book you’ll have two options:

1. You want to join this live Zoom session.

You’ll receive the joining instructions on the day. Being live, you’ll be able to put your own questions directly to the tutor during the session. Choose option 1, This live lesson and materials.

2. Maybe you’d like to attend but can’t make it on this occasion?

You can buy the materials and receive them after the session (i.e. lesson PDF(s) and access to a Zoom recording of the live session). Choose option 2, Materials only. We often provide bonus materials for live attendance-only.

3. Buy all four sessions up-front for a 25% discount  (RECOMMENDED)

As with option 1, you’ll receive the joining instructions on the day.

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