Mixing chords and licks

Spruce up your rhythm playing by mixing in some simple, cool licks.  Learn the best notes to use, where to find them on the neck and when and how to play them; all whilst effortlessly moving between chords. Start to sound like a pro.

This time we look what you can do in the key of A minor.


What will we be covering?

There are lots of ways to make your rhythm playing sound really cool – one is to mix in some fill licks.

Pro guitarists intersperse licks and riffs effortlessly between chord changes. The blend produces a sound that captivates an audience and makes it more interesting and enjoyable for the player (especially when you’ve got mutiple bars of the same chord!).

We’ll look at the notes to use, where to find them on the fretboard in relation to the chords you’re playing, when to use them in a bar and how to play the notes. Subjects will include: chord progressions, scales at your disposal, basic picking/strumming techniques and whole bunch of licks to add into the mix!

Our last session covered C major

We’re focusing on key of A minor:

  • Chords and licks in the keys of A minor, and maybe, A harmonic minor.
  • Chords in scales in 3 positions over the neck.
  • 12 bar minor blues song form.
  • 4:4, Blues shuffle and 12:8 ballad feels.
  • At least 4 licks in each position.
  • We’re keeping the theory elements to an absolute minimum

Our last session covered C major and the materials for this session are available to buy. C is the  relative major of Am and so licks and chords will mix well. Get in touch if you’re interested in acquiring more licks, support videos and PDFs to supplement this session covering A minor.

Mix it up!


Who’s this session suitable for?

Beginner+ to Intermediate acoustic and electric guitar players.

These sessions are layered to allow players of different levels to learn and play along together.

Beginner+ players should  know basic open chords and be able to strum through a tune or two (don’t worry about any mistakes – yet!) with either the fingers or, ideally, a plectrum.

Intermediate players should be using barre chords, be able to strum using a plectrum and  picking out a few basic scales in at least one position.

Whatever level, it’s a good idea to revise chord box diagrams and reading basic TAB. Check out our Free Downloads if you need help.

Whatever level you are at, you’ll have lots of takeawys to work on later. BTW, all of our courses always adapt and inject new content; you’ll always learn something new!



The materials cover lesson PDF(s) and access to a Zoom recording of the live session.

Generally you’ll receive any PDF(s) just before the session (with Zoom recording made available after the session).

This time we’ll have the lesson PDF available a week before the session and so the earlier you sign up the longer you’ll have to review it and so make best use of the session.



The session is 60 minutes long; don’t expect to master everything during the session. The tutor will go through as many key parts as possible, demonstrating them and discussing the associated techniques and know-how.

The real work is done by you afterwards. Armed with the materials (PDFs and video  recording), you’ll have all the tools to work on things at your own pace.


Booking a place and buying options

When you book you’ll have two options:

1. You want to join the live Zoom session.

You’ll receive the joining instructions on the day. Being live, you’ll be able to put your own questions directly to the tutor during the session. Choose option 1, Live session and materials.

2. Maybe you’d like to attend but can’t make it on this occasion?

You can buy the materials and receive them after the session (i.e. lesson PDF(s) and access to a Zoom recording of the live session). Choose option 2, Materials only.




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