Lead Guitar Techniques

This is part of a series on lead guitar; we’ll be looking at ‘Come together’ by the Beatles as the study piece for right and left lead techniques.





This session is part of a series looking at lead guitar techniques.

Here we explore ‘Come together’ by The Beatles and the picking/strumming hand techniques of clean picking and string muting with fretting hand techniques such as full tone bends, pull-offs, hammer-ons, release bends, etc. The song provides a cool 12 bar blues shuffle over which to practise these techniques (assumes RH player!).

You’ll learn the song as well.


What’s included for each lesson?

  • Lesson PDFs or rhythm and lead parts (using TAB)
  • Video snippets of key exercises and sections
  • Backing track minus the guitar part


Playing level: This is aimed at intermediate but most players will get lots from this lesson.


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