Blues Primer - lessons 2 & 3

Lesson 1 (the basics of Blues) is over but we’re now looking at two classic songs: ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ (Eric Clapton) and ‘Need your love so bad’ (Peter Green) including intro, groove, chord progressions and soloing and explore the techniques used and how to practise them. We also cover the bass on both of these songs.



We have already run lesson 1 for both guitarists and bassists and this covered all the basics for our upcoming lessons 2 and 3 which focus on two great songs. These two lessons are still available to purchase separately (for guitar or bass players who are alread up-to-speed with the fundamentals of the Blues) – see below:

This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning the basics of the blues and beyond. Following on from our lesson 1:

Lesson 2 – we move on to lead/soloing techniques by learning a classic guitar intro; example “Sweet Home Chicago” (Eric Clapton version). Bassists will have the opportunity to play along to the backing tracks with some guidance from the tutor as we go through it.

  • Blues chords and the shuffle in the key of E
  • E blues scale in 2 positions (connecting the two positions)
  • Introductory solo ideas, techniques and licks from the piece
  • Bass part.

Level: intermediate and above.

Lesson 3 – we look at the main sections (including the lead intro) of “Need your love so bad” by Peter Green and explore how to improvise your own solo along to the piece.

  • The chords of the two main sections of the song; these include major, minor, 7ths, diminished 7ths and augmented
  • Strumming and picking in 12/8
  • The lead intro
  • Scale positions
  • Suggestions for improvising your own solo in the style of the song
  • Bass part.

Bassists will have the opportunity to play along to the backing tracks with some guidance from the tutor as we go through it.

Level: intermediate and above.

As in all courses you should expect to discuss/study the following:

  • Left hand position and technique for chord playing
  • Plectrum technique for riff playing, soloing and rhythm playing
  • Playing in time to a beat/pulse
  • How to overcome any difficult parts of a song

What’s included for each lesson?

  • A lesson PDF with chords/riffs and a scale pattern for improvising blues in both TAB and standard notation
  • A video example of the tune with any relevant riffs/licks and an example improvisation
  • An extended version of the track for you to practise at home (this will usually be included in the video)

In general

This course runs for three lessons with a week in between for home practice. The lessons are suitable for average to intermediate acoustic and electric guitar players. The overall objective is to provide a solid grounding the Blues so that you can apply the techniques, know-how, etc. to other Blues tunes (as well as other genres/styles!).

Buying options (with guidelines for player levels):

(a) all lessons – intermediate to intermediate+

(b) any single lesson

What’s it like on a course?
The bulk of each lesson is obviously the teaching (usually with a minimum number of questions taken along the way) but we dedicate the end slot for Q&A. Being online means that players can elect to either have total privacy with their mic mute and video disabled or switch them on and join in with questions or even work along with the tutor. The lessons, over and above the outlined specific subjects, try to give you the tools for self-improvement.

A quick note about the materials
We’ve always recognised that the real work takes place after a course and that’s why we pay special attention to the materials in order to help with home practice. The earlier you book, the earlier you get access to the core materials.

Course suitability in general
Check out our guide to player levels v course categories. The course is online and materials are provided and so it might still be useful for players who consider themselves below the required standard.

Overall objectives and a reality check
Yes – our courses are there to look at the advertised subject matter but we also like to challenge players and give you great techniques and practical theory/know-how to work on in your own time. Don’t expect to completely nail a whole song or to be able to fully in command of all techniques or understand every bit of practical theory on the course; it’s fantastic if you can but be patient and work diligently through the material at home. Apologies to anyone who hates the use of above split infinitives!

Call us for a chat at any time
Whatever level you are, you’ll have lots of takeaways to work on later. If you’d like to go through the course please call or email.

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