Learn Albatross by Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green) as a self-contained solo piece. This an absolute classic song using some great fingerpicking techniques. This online course runs over two lessons with full practice materials provided.



We ran this course mid last year to great applaud and so we’ve decided to run it again – we have buying options to cover those who attended last year but would like a refresher! See below.

This song is instantly recognisable and superbly cool – it’s a must-have in your repertoire; especially as a self-contained solo piece!

Lesson 1 looks at the song form, underlying chords, rhythm and playing techniques.

Lesson 2 focuses on the unique solo arrangement, bar by bar.

If ever there was a fingerpicker’s nirvana, this is it. Ideally you should be an intermediate player and definitely have started fingerpicking.

It combines a haunting melody with ‘basic’ chords, droning bass notes and uses double stops for some of the ‘solo’ parts.

Some alternative versions of parts of the more challenging sections  have been added for less-experienced players.

There’s a lot to get through in this course and there will very likely be limited numbers. We’ll make some prep material available for the course to help get into the distinctive droning, pumping groove.

As ever, it’s not just about what you play but how you play it tone, timing and feel – especially for Albatross!

Buying options

  1. All lessons (instruction and materials – our recommended option)
  2. Lessons only (i.e. no materials – suitable for players who attended last year’s one)

We’ve always recognised that the real work takes place after a course and so our comprehensive set of materials should really help for home practice. Over and above learning the song our objective is to give you the tools to self-improve. There’s whole bag full of materials for this one which you get all but the videos up-front:

  • 9 x example videos
  • 6 page detailed score
  • TAB only score
  • Alternate parts score with some simplified way of playing specific sections

You’ll get the videos after each session.

Course suitability
This course is for intermediate acoustic and electric guitar players with experience of fingerstyle (check out our FAQs’ Skill levels and suitable courses). There’s something for everyone in all our courses and the follow-on materials should help in both practising the song as well as understanding and applying any techniques and relevant theory covered.

Call us for a chat at any time
Whatever level you are, you’ll have lots of takeaways to work on later. If you’d like to go through the course please call or email.

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