Acoustic Legends

This is an acoustic-only course where we’ll look into the styles and techniques of legendary acoustic songwriters/players such as James Taylor and Paul Simon.


We’ll cover a ton of stuff including flatpicking, fingerstyle techniques, rhythmic strumming, maybe some altered tunings and riffs, licks, grooves galore and much more all through the classic songs of legendary songwriters from Mark Knopfler, James Taylor to John Mayer and Paul Simon and many more. You’ll nail a few of these songs to add to your repertoire.

The course is suitable for most players and is based on iconic songs that will add to your repertoire and provide you with extra tools and confidence to improve your playing.

As with all our courses, having a sociable weekend with other guitar hobbyists and having some fun is as important as the teaching and playing. We take things at a steady pace with lots of breaks to stretch the legs and backs and get some air into our lungs and have some quiet time to take in and discuss what’s being taught. Lots of fun in the company of other guitar hobbyists.

There are no hard and fast rules about course suitability and we therefore encourage most levels of guitarist to come along, mix in and have a go; though a real Beginner would definitely struggle. It’s probably a good idea that you’ve tried flat- and finger-picking before coming along. Indicative guidelines about what you should ‘know’ is covered in the Course Overview. Whatever level you’re at, you’ll have lots of takeaways to work on later.

In brief: acoustic guitar players only of average-and-above level.

Prep sheets (and a tutorial video) are available on request to course goers prior to the course.

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