Acoustic Blues

This is an acoustic-only course looking into the Blues from bygone and modern ages. Fingerpicking, strumming, solo pieces, bass lines, Travis picking and much more while learning some classic tunes to add to your repertoire. We’ll be looking at the songs of contemporary players who all took inspiration from the old masters.


What we will be covering

The Blues is an amazing and evocative genre in its own right but it’s also the basis of many other styles.

It’s so satisfying to be able to pick up an acoustic guitar that’s languishing in the corner and just start playing a classic blues or simply noodle to your heart’s content.

At a glance

We’ll delve into a host of subjects with the aim of giving you a lots of great exercises and a number of solo pieces to play and add to your repertoire. You should gain the tools and knowledge to both play in a jam, accompany a singer or just play a tune to entertain others.

Subjects covered will include some or all of the following:

  • plectrum and fingerstyle techniques
  • delve into dropped D tuning
  • explore self-contained solo guitar playing
  • Travis and other alternating bass lines, along with drones and walking bass lines
  • soloing using pentatonic and blues scales
  • different song forms (12 and 8 bar)
  • major and minor Blues
  • rhythm patterns (shuffle/straight)
  • intros/outros/turnarounds
  • playing the Blues in any key
  • Standard and more unusual chords and progressions
  • looking at some iconic acoustic Blues riffs
  • how to mix in fills in a Blues chord progression

All of the above will involve lots of exercises as well as great pieces to perform solo or just noodle around with. Contemporary artists/songs might include the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer and many others.

We’ll explore what you already know, expand that knowledge and then help you start bringing it all into your playing and minimise gravitating to the same old stuff.


Who’s this course suitable for?

High beginner to Intermediate.

We encourage most levels of guitarists to come along; it’s definitely not for a relative Beginner. Average-and-above players who have a few songs under their belt, can play most open chords and have attempted barre chords should be fine for the course.

You’ll mix with players playing the Blues everywhere you go. Pick up the acoustic and have some fun.



Any hand-outs will be provided during the course we’ll make available all supplementary PDFs, copies of flip chart diagrams, any audio and video recordings.


Maybe you want to stay before/after the course?

If you are interested in B&B before, or after the course, get in contact and we’ll send you some details. Lunch and dinner can be purchased from the menu.



Unlike our online sessions these Day-Only courses can only accommodate limited group numbers – book early to avoid disappointment. BTW, these Day-Only courses often build on some specific techniques and know-how covered in our online sessions – check them out.

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