Booking and payment

To reserve a place consists essentially of 3 simple steps:

  • Choose a course or event
  • Complete the form
  • Pay the Deposit



The overall process is straight-forward

  1. Choose a course or event
  2. Complete a Booking Form
  3. Pay the Deposit or the Full Fee – this reserves your place.
  4. Receive confirmation of the Booking by email
  5. Receive your Joining Instructions for the Course or event.

1. As our Guitar Maintenance tutor often says, ‘measure twice, cut once’. We like to ensure that you pick the right course that meets you aspirations and caters for your playing and knowledge level. We encourage a telephone or email chat after you’ve looked through the Course Overviews.

2. Once the course has been selected, all we’ll need to know in the Booking Form is the following: if it’s for you or someone else (over 18 years old?), will he/she be staying as a full resident, non- resident or sharing with a spouse/partner.

3. When paying you have two options: Deposity Only or Full Fee. Usually only a Deposit is required with the Balance paid around 6 weeks before the actual course. If you’re booking late the you’ll be required to pay the Full Fee up-front. We use an industry standard secure online payment system and we hold none of your fincancial data on our site.

A few additional notes

4. With the form completed and the initial payment made, we’ll confirm your reservation by email. This particularly important if it’s a very late booking and we just need to check with the venue about room availability.

5. After this you’ll receive the Joining Instructions for the course. These instructions are comprehensive and cover how to get there, what to do when you arrive, clarification of payment status, general Dos and Don’ts, hints about ‘house rules, gear to bring along, suggested practice or swotting-up (for which we usually have Prep Sheets available. on request).


A few key points:

Players should be over 18 years old. We have had younger people come along but this is unusual and certainly requires a parent or responsible adult to supervise them. Always contact us if this is the situation.

The Deposit is officially non-refundable but we make every effort to satisfy people’s bookings – a lot depends on how late a cancellation is. If we can fill a slot made vacant through a cancellation, at the original fee, then we’ll refund the total amount.

A booking is also officially non-transferable to another player although we make every effort to get maximum value out of any Deposit for a player.


If you’re now ready to choose and reserve a place on course then go to What’s On and check all of our scheduled courses and events – just follow the instructions in the forms.


By the way – we advise you to take out cancellation insurance.

Family and work problems can get in the way and can lead to you cancelling the weekend; so having suitable Travel/Holiday insurance is a very good idea.