Guitar retreats: Welcome back to reality!

We’re excited to welcome you back to our inspiring weekend min break courses.

Being away somewhere new with fellow hobbyists is definitely a holiday. Escape from the pressures of family and work life for a weekend and focus on one thing – playing guitar.

Away with your guitar, weekend guitar retreats, holiday getaways, glorious mini breaks – whatever you call them, we’re back!  Welcome back to reality and the live world of learning guitar!

With lockdown restrictions easing across the UK, here at Guitar Weekends we are busy planning our first mini break guitar retreats of the year. We’re thrilled to be restarting our guitar weekend breaks again; they’re live, fun and informative guitar fests! We can’t wait to get things rolling again in July 2021 with Beginners, Maintenance and Performance courses (quickly followed by Improvisation, Blues, etc. – check out the website for details)!


The pandemic stopped all of our weekend courses and has meant that we have needed to get creative and take them online. We are proud of the way that we have managed to adapt our classes to going online using Zoom – we have run over 50 courses since April 2020. Also, as part of this shift, we introduced free online sessions and guitar tips on our YouTube channel to support players as pick-me-ups during the lockdowns and we’ll continue with these as well.

Online Courses

Don’t get me wrong, Zoom sessions are incredibly useful and will continue but they are definitely not the ‘real deal’. These online classes have also meant that people have been able to join us who might never have been able to before. As an aside, and especially if you haven’t been on any of our courses yet, online lessons are ideal for finding out what we’re like: meet some of our tutors, see and listen to some of the players and get a real feel for how we run things. Come and join in.

The real deal – live and together

Those of us who are lucky enough to have gardens may well have been enjoying meals and drinks in the outdoors and might even have been twanging a guitar out there on a sunny day. We’re delighted to (cautiously) bring back some of a guitarist’s life’s pleasures – playing live music, learning new guitar pieces/techniques and jamming/bantering with fellow players (actually in the same room!). Our mini breaks start in July (hopefully with lovely summer heat) and we’ll be jamming together as a group with guitar and drinks in hand. Wow – people talking without a Zoom delay!

Perhaps the most exciting of all the lockdown restriction easing is that we’ll be able to now go on holiday – well, sort of. Abroad will undoubtedly be difficult and UK will be busy. Good luck everyone! But we already have mini break weekends blocked out for you and your guitar (and spouses/partners/families that would like to come along – all welcome). Check out the schedule on our What’s On page.

A holiday with music. What’s not to like?

In celebration of all things holiday, we’re excited to welcome you back to our inspiring weekend mini break courses.

Being away somewhere new with fellow hobbyists is definitely a holiday. Escape from the pressures of family and work life for a weekend and focus on one thing – playing guitar. You’ll be in the company of fellow players learning new techniques and know-how, adding to your repertoire of songs, building your confidence, getting inspired and motivated to practise, making new friends and so much more.

You’ll be under the watchful eye of one of our fully qualified, professional tutors who run these courses and provide comprehensive lesson packs and practice materials. The days are broken into small learning chunks with refreshments in between and we take things at a pace to suit the group, allowing time to go off-piste when something interesting is raised outside of the official subject matter.

Retreat: to go to a quiet, safe, (fun), place

Worried about coming on one of these weekends? Don’t be – any nerves are dispelled within the first couple of hours of playing together as a group; by Saturday night, when we run projects, and after a full day of teaching and playing, everyone is usually buzzing. I can’t stress this enough – yes, it’s a teaching/learning weekend but our approach is relaxed and structured with an injection of fun. After all a Guitar Weekend is a holiday, not a boot camp.

You’ll leave the weekend feeling armed to take on the guitar world, fresh with ideas, resources to practise with, and motivated to play and improve. You may even have made some new friends to jam with in the future.

Just the ticket

A Guitar Weekends course is something to look forward to – it’s the answer to our pandemic frustrations. This is true for online but especially true for residential mini breaks. If you’re ready to book your place or interested to find out more, check out our What’s On page. If you have questions, take a look at our FAQs or just Contact Us.