While my guitar gently weeps

George Harrison’s ‘While my guitar gently weeps’ has awesome chord progressions, smooth acoustic strumming, wonderful fills, etc.  We’re going to focus on these essentials of the song. This is a fantastic song  to master and add to your repertoire and wonderful for honing your strumming technique and sense of timing as well as developing picking technique. For beginner+ to intermediate levels.




We’ll explore the guts of this classic guitar piece by George Harrision, focusing on: the song structure, chords, the fills in between the chords and the piano intro but played on guitar

Techniques-wise, we’ll explore various ways of playing chords  around the neck (involving barre chords based on the CAGED system) as well as looking at plectrum strumming techniques.

Electric players are very welcome as well.

The aim is for you to play the complete song (minus the solos – we might look at these in a future course).

Course suitability
Beginner+ to intermediate.


Full TAB PDFs with supporting videos for key sections and backing tracks. In-lesson video recordings can be made if requested by the group and these will be made available.

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Whatever level you are, you’ll have lots fo takeaways to work on later. If you’d like to go through the course content please call or email.

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