The Blues

We look at the 12 bar format and its variations, explore the shuffle and straight rhythm strumming and picking patterns, learn riffs and licks and cool chord progressions, examine the scales and techniques for soloing, and the set-up for your to get ‘that Blues sound’.

On this particular course we take a step back from normal Blues format and start with all the basics. We look at a multitude of things:

  • the 12 bar format and its variations (possibly 8 bar as well)
  • explore the shuffle and straight rhythm strumming and picking patterns
  • delve into basic to intermediate chord progressions and chord substitutions and inversions
  • explore which scales to use when improvising and how to phrase things
  • learn riffs and licks and examine techniques such as muting, legato, bending and vibrato
  • check out your gear set-up in order to get ‘that Blues sound’
  • learn the approach to playing the Blues in any key

We encourage most levels of acoustic, electric and bass guitarists to come along; but it’s not for the beginner. Average-and-above players who have a few songs under their belts and have probably attempted playing a few scales and basic barre chords are fine for this course.

If you need help checking if this is the right course for you:

  1. Have a look at the course suitability guide in FAQs
  2. Request a Course Overview – this contains some ‘should know’ specifics
  3. After digesting the above, it’s always a good idea to have a chat about the course if you’re still not sure

Once signed up, Prep Sheets are available to allow some focused revision/practice and try to help fill any knowledge gaps.

As with all our courses this course is designed to be a sociable event with other guitar hobbyists; having some fun is as important as learning and playing.

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