We go back to the basics: set-up, open chords, how chords are built and fit togther, essential techniques, some really useful theory, classic strumming and picking patterns, strategies for changing chords smoothly and easily, a dip into the Blues, introduction to playing melody and much more – all covered using iconic tunes from a wide range of genres/styles. This is our entry level course for players who can already play a bit.

Strugglers is our safe, entry-level course. Level-wise it sits in between our Beginners and Improvers courses and caters for a wide range of acoustic, electric and bass players.

Struggling has a specific and pertinent meaning to guitarists. Players of every level struggle with different things: keeping time, trying new rhythms, mastering chords and changing smoothly between them, injecting a little groove into things, trying some melody, grasping basic plectrum and finger techniques, being able to play along with others, actually learning a song, having the confidence to just have a go and everything else.

All the basics are covered: open chords and their best fingerings, how to strum and fingerpick, how to change chords efficiently and cleanly, we look at a variety of rhythms across different styles, introduce you to the minor pentatonic as used in the Blues and build up your repertoire (Beatles, Van Morrison, Dylan, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, etc.).

We encourage most levels of acoustic, electric and bass guitarists to come along and this includes relative beginners. If you have attempted a few songs, and maybe have one or two mostly under your belt then you’re likely fine for this course.

If you need help checking if this is the right course for you:

  1. Have a look at the course suitability guide in FAQs
  2. Request a Course Overview – this contains some ‘should know’ specifics
  3. After digesting the above, it’s always a good idea to have a chat about the course if you’re still not sure

Once signed up, Prep Sheets are available to allow some focused revision/practice and try to help fill any knowledge gaps.

As with all our courses this course is designed to be a sociable event with other guitar hobbyists; having some fun is as important as learning and playing.

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