Slide guitar and open tunings

In this free session we consider slide guitar and popular open tunings. Our discussion centers around where, when and how you can use slide in, say, an open G tuning? Can you play rhythm guitar (without a bottleneck!) or fingerstyle in altered tunings? What are good altered tunings to start off with if you’re new to them? Are altered tunings beneficial to beginners?




Slide guitar is a brillant skill/technique to mix in with your standard playing approaches. It’s superb for accompaniment fills, doing lead lines as well as  generating a driving rhythm. It can make use of standard tuning but more often than not will employ an open tuning e.g. E, D, G.

We take this subject one stage further and discuss where altered tunings come in without resorting to a bottleneck e.g. for rhythm and fingerstyle. Obviously tunings such as dropped D, double dropped D and DADGAD come to mind (but there are a myriad of these tunings). We discuss where they are useful and what’s the best way of starting to explore them.


How to join in

Go to our Facebook page and click on the event 5 minutes before its start time.


Lesson suitability

Everyone is welcome to these free sessions. The subject matter might span beginner to intermediate (and, on occasion, above). They’re short sessions of around 20 mins and are really useful to open up areas that you might not have considered before.

(For more detailed discussions of everything guitar and music, check out our 1 hour Music Corners which run every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm).


This is a FREE session – please ignore any mention of Booking or prices below. Just go to our Facebook page as described earlier. Hope to see you then.

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