Sittin' on the dock of the bay

Learn this soul classic by Otis Redding. This is such a cool piece to have in your repertoire. We’ll look at the entire piece in terms of chords, rhythmic strumming and lead line/fills but we’ll also go a bit deeper explore both the CAGED system and how to play barre chords. This online course runs over three structured lessons which cater for relative beginners to intermediate and comes with full practice materials provided.



This is one of the coolest soul songs of all time – it’s instantly recognisable and you’ll tapping our foot and singing along as soon as you hear it.

The course is focused on teaching the entire song but we’ll also look at  how the CAGED system works at a high level for chords as well as how to play barre chords (Check out our FAQs page for some basic information on CAGED and barre chords).

We’ve structured the three lessons in order to allow relative beginners to learn the guts of the song  in terms of chords and strumming (as well as exploring the power of the CAGED system and exposing them to barre chords as part of it) but also to give intermediate level players the opportunty to move around the fretboard using the barre chords and learn the lead lines and some fills.

As such, there are two purchase options for this course:

Lessons 1 and 2 (Relative beginners to low intermediate)

Lesson 1 , 2 and 3 (Intermediate)


The lesson breakdown is as follows:

Lesson 1

We’ll dip in and out the song and explore how to use the CAGED system for taking these open chords and forming, playing and changing barre chords (of course relative beginners can just stick with open chords throughout). CAGED is a should-know toolbag item (it’s relevant to all playing levels) and barre chords follow naturally from it – this is a must-know for any serious improvement in playing the guitar. Actually, in this lesson one we end with some layered loops that show you how to arrange your parts using barre chord knowledge. It’s an 8 page lesson  with detailed videos.

Lesson 2

Here we’ll go through the entire song looking using basic open chords but also how to get that groove with the strumming. We’ll also venture into barre chord territory for the more experienced players looking at some alternatives chords to bring in and maybe some nice fill progressions and simple connecting basslines.

Lesson 3

This lesson is dedicated to learning the lead parts of the song and is aimed squarely at the intermediate level players. e’ll go though it note-for-note and explain using some simple but invaluable techniques.


As ever, it’s not just about what you play but how you play it tone, timing and feel – especially for this song!

The bulk of each lesson is teaching (usually with a minimum number of questions taken along the way) but we dedicate the end slot for Q&A. With the lessons being online muted and video disabled you can play along with our tutor in total privacy; you can unmute at any time to ask a question or even join in a one-on-one coaching session if tutor asks and you’re so inclined.

We’ve always recognised that the real work takes place after a course and so our comprehensive set of materials should really help for home practice. Over and above learning the song our objective is to give you the tools to self-improve. The materials will include the likes of:  TAB and other PDFs, video snippets of key sections and maybe recordings of each lesson.

Course suitability
This course is for relative beginner to intermediate acoustic and electric guitar players  (check out our FAQs’ Skill levels and suitable courses). There’s something for everyone in all our courses and the follow-on materials should help in both practising the song as well as understanding and applying any techniques and relevant theory covered.

Call us for a chat at any time
Whatever level you are, you’ll have lots of takeaways to work on later. If you’d like to go through the course please call or email.

Our courses are not only there to:

  • walk you through you how to play songs
  • demonstrate techniques
  • explain really useful theory

but to also challenge you a little and give you great things to work on in your own time. Don’t expect to nail a whole song or be able to fully use a technique or completely understand a bit of practical theory on the course; be patient and diligently work through the material at home.

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