Rock Primer

This online course explore Rock in most of its popular guises from classic to blues and learn the techniques, gear settings and approaches to its use of basic chords with driving rhythms and cool solos that symbolise this genre.


We’ll look ‘under the hood’ at the mixing of minor and major scales and chords, the huge influence of the power chord, the concept of the riff and repetitive melody lines and the steady beat and energy underpinning everything. We’ll look at classic techniques such as palm muting, hammer-ons and pull-offs, pentatonic riffs, double stops and bends, alternating picking and even rock finger picking! And finally, that ‘Rock sound’ – this is critical and so we’ll delve into how to craft the sound using pedals, amps and pickups. Tunes would include the likes of: Stairway to heaven, Crazy train, Highway star, Layla, Lay Down Sally, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Sultans of Swing.

Online course lessons:
Three lessons, each 75 mins long.
Note: these are live, online, interactive group sessions.

Lesson format
We try to layer these lessons so that we cover off the straight-forward elements early on and gradually build up to the more complex subjects. The bulk of each lesson is teaching (usually with a minimum number of questions taken along the way) but we dedicate the end slot for Q&A. With the lessons being online, assuming you are on mute, you can play along with our tutor or practise an exercise without interfering with anyone; if the tutor asks, and you’re so inclined, you can go on-screen for one-on-one coaching in front of the group.

Follow-on materials
We’ve always recognised that the real work takes place after a course and so we provide a comprehensive set of materials for home practice; these vary from course to course and can include: additional PDFs, lesson TABs, backing tracks and snippet videos of examples/exercises used during the lesson. Over and above learning the song(s) our objective is to give you the tools to self-improve.

Course suitability
This course is for average-and-above acoustic and electric players (check out our FAQs’ Skill levels and suitable courses). There’s something for everyone in all our courses and the follow-on materials should help in both practising the song as well as understanding and applying any techniques and relevant theory covered.

Bass players
This course, although not designed for bassists, is a fantastic opportunity for playing and practice. We do provide bass parts on some courses and always offer guidance as we go through the lessons but we don’t formally teach the bass; any interested bassists should contact us beforehand.

Call us for a chat at any time
Whatever level you are, you’ll have lots of takeaways to work on later. If you’d like to go through the course please call or email.

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