You can have the coolest licks, chords, fills, turnarounds, intros, technique, etc. BUT if you haven’t got rhythm then you’ve got nothing!

We’ll cover a ton of stuff to do with the engine room hand/arm i.e. strumming and picking. It’s also has a lot to do with your ears and brain – rhythm is everything! It’s instantly noticable if you’re ‘wandering’. The odd misplaced note is easily forgiven but rhythm is critical – if you struggle with rhythm then this is the course for you.

Listening is at the heart of music. As hobbyists we generally play by ourselves and our rhythm never really gets addressed and practised correctly.

We’ll cover a ton of stuff, : time signatures, rhythm notation, note and rest values, strumming and finger-picking techniques, counting in, keeping time, ‘playing in the pocket’, listening to others playing and ‘feeling the groove’.

Styles looked at include: rock, funk, blues, folk, soul, classical, jazz and many more. We’ll use some great songs as a basis for all exercises. We’ll consider the likes of Chic, Paul Simon, Lynard Skynyrd, Stevie Wonder and many, many more.

The course is suitable for most players and is based on iconic (and some unusual) songs that will add to your repertoire and provide you with extra tools and confidence to improve your playing. If you can play open chords and some basic barre chords then you’re good to go.

Who’s suitable for this course? A broad guideline is that the course is accessible to most acoustic, electric and bass players of any ability (but definitely not beginners).

Matching player’s skill level and aspirations to a course isn’t a science! Players can be brilliant at music knowledge but still struggle to play and vice versa. There are two resources which might be able to help you make a self-assessment:

  1. Check out the course suitability guide in FAQs
  2. Request a Course Overview – this contains some ‘should know’ specifics.

Once you’ve looked at the above, a chat about the course is then always a good idea. It’s important that you, and we, feel comfortable that you’ve chosen a suitable course.

Once signed up, Prep Sheets are available for this course to allow some focused revision/practice and try to help fill any knowledge gaps.

After the course, we make all materials available to you via Dropbox e.g. flip charts, group photos, recordings and videos along with any additional music or information PDFs.

The course is about providing you with the basic techniques, practical knowledge and, above all, confidence for your toolbag so that you can enjoy playing music to the fullest.

The course makes extensive use of mini break-out sessions to consolidate concepts and techniques whilst practising some great tunes. Naturally, there will be plenty of opportunities to jam with the group and, if you fancy it, perform solo. Throughout the event you’ll inevitably pick up hints and tips directly from group members as well and.

As with all our courses having fun and a sociable time with like-minded hobbyists is at the heart of everything – it’s as important as the learning and playing! This one in particular is a real ‘guitar fest’!

Our Early Bird Offer is available on this course – the pricing below reflects our December-only offers. See NEWS for details.

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