How to play guitar and perform in front of family at home, solo or duet at an Open Mic, at your local Jam Session, in a band to an audience. Gain confidence to perform and know-how covering preparation, delivery and handling those nerves.


Performance is on many levels:

  • From just having a go!, to
  • Being able to deliver a piece competently, and then
  • Maybe actually being able to entertain and enthrall an audience.

We’ll look at both guitar and voice on this course. How do you choose a tune suitable for your playing/singing level and adapt it accordingly, looking at the oft-overlooked area of proper practice and then rehearsal, dealing with those butterflies that inevitably pop up, preparing your gear, discussing stage presence, taking away learning points and improving; learning how to learn and much more.

You should have a tune or two under your belt that you can play relatively easily when you’re by yourself.

This is one of our essential courses – the others being Rhythm, Chord Harmony and Improvisation.

As with all our courses, there’ll be non-stop playing using some great tunes throughout; the difference here is that there will multiple opportunities for solo performances. We’ll also slot in some duet and band exercises as well as structured jamming.

The course is suitable for players of all levels and you’ll certainly add to your repertoire on this one. Lots of extra tools to plop into that guitar toolbox to bolster your  confidence and improve your playing and delivering a song for an audience. If you can play a tune start to finish then you’re then you’re good to go.

We take things at a steady pace with lots of breaks to stretch the legs and backs and get some air into our lungs and generally have some quiet time to take in what has been taught and time to discuss it with the other hobbyists. The course is as much about having a fun, sociable weekend as it is about improving your guitar playing.

Acoustic, electric and bass guitar players of all levels are fine for this course. There are no hard and fast rules about course suitability but anyone who struggles to play a tune that they ‘know’ (discounting nerves) might struggle here. Contact us if you’re not sure.

Course Overviews – check out our ‘What you should know’ section. Available on request.

Prep Sheets: No real sheets for this one except for some advice from previous players who have been on the course.

Whatever level you’re at, you’ll have lots of takeaways to work on later. Call us for a chat at any time.

This one is a real ‘get up there and have a go’ weekend. It’s absolutely exhilarating! It’s all about honing your performance skills at the level your at.

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