Mix licks and chords

Spruce up your rhythm playing by mixing in some simple cool licks.  Learn what the best notes to use are and where to find them on the neck whilst effortlessly moving between chords.



If you’re a rhythm player but you’d like to sound cool then it’s fantastic to have more interesting, richer chords at your disposal, introduce some rhythmic variations as well as adding nice riffs and then inter-weave some cool licks into the mix . This course focuses on the latter – licks with chords (the others are coverd later in the year!).

Given it’s only one lesson, we’ll likely stick to standard chords in a key (i.e. all derived from the scale of the key with no out-of-key anomoly ones thrown in). We’ll look at the scale patterns available to us and maybe simple boxes within these patterns.

Course level: The course is suitable for average and above acoustic and electric guitar players alike.

Materials provided: Prep sheets are available along with comprehensive lesson PDFs and TABs and detailed home practice video examples of all sections/exercises.


What’s it like on our live, online, group courses?

Live equates to everything being totally interactive between the group and the tutor. You can ask your ‘hot’ questions and clarifications there and then and the tutor can adapt the teaching to make sure the group gets the maximum benefit.

Online allows you to join in different ways: total privacy listening and watching to the tutor and other players, switching mic on and throwing in those questions or ebaing your video working directly with the tutor!

Every lesson ends with a a formal Q&A session and you’ll leave with comprehensive materials to support your home practice. Our approach is obviously to cover the relevant subject matter but we also try hard you to arm you with the essential tools for self-improvement.


A quick note about the materials
We’ve always recognised that the real work takes place after a course and that’s why we pay special attention to the materials in order to help with home practice. The earlier you book, the earlier you get access to the core materials.

Course suitability in general
Check out our guide to player levels v course categories. The course is online and materials are provided and so it might still be useful for players who consider themselves below the required standard.

Overall objectives and a reality check
Yes – our courses are there to look at the advertised subject matter but we also like to challenge players and give you great techniques and practical theory/know-how to work on in your own time. Don’t expect to completely nail a whole song or to be able to fully in command of all techniques or understand every bit of practical theory on the course; it’s fantastic if you can but be patient and work diligently through the material at home. Apologies to anyone who hates the use of above split infinitives!

Call us for a chat at any time
Whatever your playing level, you’ll have lots of takeaways. Check out our FAQs or email us (If you’d like to go through things in more detail then put your phone number in and we’ll call you back).

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