Truss rod, saddle/bridge and nut adjustments. Fret check for dead or buzzy areas and a general clean up. We usually get two guitars per student completed. Comprehensive set of notes for future reference. Also, we’ll look at the electronics and maybe fix one or two problems if time allows.

We’ll kick off with an overview of the process of setting up your guitar for your style of playing. Our tutor will assess DIY skills and check the guitars that everyone has brought along as well as run through the use of the various tools and consumables. You don’t need to bring anything along (other than your guitars!) – all will be provided on the course.

We usually manage to set up two guitars per player but this depends heavily on the number, type (e.g. acoustic guitars can take longer) and what condition the guitars are in.

If time allows our tutor will look at the electrics of the guitar as well as discuss common problems with gear (hum, buzz, etc.). In the past we have looked at changing or re-seating pick-ups, tightening or changing pots/knobs, fixing jack sockets, even changing internal components. This work is all subject to the above limits of numbers and guitar types and their condition.

The objective is that you leave with guitars that are much better for you to play in your style with actions set just right and correct notes sounding out on the their respective frets.


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