If you’re not sure which course to go for then a Voucher is the best option:

  • either, as a gift for someone else
  • or, for yourself when taking advantage of any seasonal offers.


If you already know which course you’d like to buy a place on, go to that course via What’s on and follow the instructions.This goes for gifts for others or yourself.

If you’re not sure which course is best then a Voucher is the best option; it can be used as a gift for someone else or even for yourself if you want make use of any seasonal offers.

As a gift for someone else you’ll receive a Gift Pack which you can print off and include with your Birthday/Christmas/other card. It comprises:

  • The Voucher
  • Latest Schedule of courses
  • Overview of Guitar Weekends
  • Example Course Overviews
  • Recent Newsletters

A Voucher is bought as flat rate Deposit with the Balance paid after the course has been selected. Different courses potentially command different prices depending on their duration and location.

Note: An afternoon-only Jam session can only be bought as a Voucher – you should contact us directly for this.


Buying a Voucher is easy:

  1. Pay the flat rate Deposit*.
  2. Decide on a suitable course later.
  3. Settle up the Balance when the Joining Instructions for the chosen course is issued (usually a month or so before the course starts).


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