Early Bird Offer

Some great offers on during December.

Flat rate Deposit on all courses and vouchers.

10% discount on all first half year courses.

Check it out!

The standard way of purchasing one of our courses is to firstly pay the Deposit with the Balance due 4 to 6 weeks before the course. The Deposit is usually 50% of the full price. The Deposit for a Voucher is usually a flat rate of £235.

Our Early Bird Offer – if you’re interested in buying a 2020 course or voucher during December then we have:

  • 10% discount on courses running during Feb – June (inclusive)
  • £100 Deposit for all courses and vouchers (usually 50% of the full price)

See WHAT’S ON for the courses we currently have scheduled.


If you later decide that you’d like to change to another course which runs during February to June then the 10% discount still applies; else it would be the full fee.

The 10% discount doesn’t apply to Vouchers.