It's autumn !

Lots going on over the autumn period.



We’ve recently had some Beginner get-together sessions – these were not advertised and organised on an ad hoc basis. There are just two day sessions covering all the basics and looking at songs the players would like to be able to play. Get in touch if you’d like something similar – it’s smaller and less formal than a standard Beginners course. The next one will late October – get in touch if you’re interested in:

  • The basics
  • Just strumming
  • Just fingerpicking
  • The Blues

We’ve got Improvers coming up in Scotch corner – this is one of our foundation courses and it takes rhythm, chords and scales to the next level; as ever we use classic tunes as part of any exercises and so you’ll expand your repertoire as well. The focus is on the quality of the note/sound and so techniques features strongly and given it’s about improving then ‘how to practise’ forms part of it.

We also have two Blues courses running. One with a Jam Session following immedtiately afterwards and the other with a guitar set-up session immediately before it. Let’s focus on the latter. Our How the Blues works course will have our guitar maintenance tutor available for a few hours to check over the players’ guitars and set up/re-string maybe two or three of them (acoustic of electric). First come basis but everyone is welcome to watch and listen.

I must also mention our Intro to Jazz course – if you’re interested in embellishing those standard tunes that you play then this one, with a bit of contextual know-how thrown in, is the vehicle for learning how to substitute chords, use other scales, explore different rhythms. Imagine turning ‘Riders on the Storm’ into a smooth jazz version! The guitar set-up session will also be available on this course.

If you’re interested in learning how to set up your guitars based on the style you like playing then our Maintenance, basic set-up course next month is the one. It’s over a day and half – at least two guitars each, both hands on but closely supported and supervised by our tutor.

Enough for now!


See What’s on for all our courses. If you’re interested in something particular that you can’t find then contact us e.g.

  • Guitar club special course
  • Combined course e.g. Strugglers with Maintenance
  • Making your own recording and cutting a disc in a professional studio with one of our Pros
  • and more ….