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Rock Improvers Weekend

What you can expect to learn on these weekends

On this weekend, as with any other, we will organize the workshops to match the ability of the students attending the course. 

This weekend is more about Classic Rock of the 60s, 70s and 80's. However, we will take a look at contemporary rock techniques as required.

We will expand your knowledge of chords dramatically. 

Have an in depth look at rhythm playing in the rock genre, getting a good solid groove.

Lead playing, soloing and improvisation using pentatonic scales.

Show you soloing techniques used by the top rock players and how to use scales and arpeggios to improvise.

Playing in different keys and transposing between them.

How to work out and learn the chords for particular tunes or songs.

Demonstrate how to get the right sound from your equipment and the use of effects.

Work out a piece to play within a small group and perform it.

This is a very practical hands on weekend with lots of playing.

We will work through plenty of tunes (songs and instrumentals) and progressions.

Plenty of chances to jam with other like-minded players. Or play along to great backing tracks to try out your learned techniques.

A chance for one 'Bass' player to join us as well.

Gary is an experienced bass player and will over the course of the weekend improve your bass playing extensively.

There is a Bass place available on most Rock weekends

Gary also teaches on our 'Improvers' weekend

See also

Rock & Gear Weekend.

Getting a great sound as well as learning to play better.

If you want advice please ring us on 0844 272 4433

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