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We get asked what to practice before coming on a weekend. So here are some ideas for you to start on.

Strugglers and Improvers weekends

  Here are some things we think it would be handy to know about and practice before coming on a weekend. Don't worry if your chord changes are slow and you still find it difficult, especially with the bar shape F chord. We will teach and help you improve that skill. Having knowledge of the positions will help you learn more on the weekend. The chords listed are in the open position, at the nut/tuner end of the neck. If you do know more Great!!!

Chords in the open position,

A - Am - A7 - B7 - C - C7 - D - Dm - D7 - E - Em - E7 - F (If possible as a bar chord) - G - G7
Don't worry if you are still having difficulty changing between these chords, we will show the way to improve that skill. Want to know the shape of these chords then use the Chord Finder

Chord Finder

  The first position of the pentatonic scale in Am and Em will suffice. If you know more then great, the more you know the more you will learn here. See below.


'Em' Pentatonic Scale in the open position
(and at the 12th fret for electric guitar players)

'Am' Pentatonic Scale at the 5th Fret

Download pdf and Get all 5 positions.



For a Blues, Country or Rock weekend an ability to play the above material is essential plus some barre chords up the neck. It would also be handy to practice major scales in C, E, G and A in the open position and a position somewhere up the neck.

A link for scale patterns

This is the first closed position major scale pattern and will be A major when played at the 5th fret. When played at the 3rd fret it will be G major and at the 12th fret E major. Red dots are the root notes of the scale

Listen: an A major scale in
RealAudio or MP3

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