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On many of the weekends the most regular questions asked is-
"How do you get a good sound out of your guitar, amp and FXs?", "How do you get a good groove?" and   "How do you play a good solo?"

All will be answered on this weekend. This is your chance not only to learn how to play better guitar but how to get that great sound as well.  Download Lesson Plan for weekend

You will learn how to

  Find that better sound from your guitar and amp and develop your own sound.

  Use your FX pedals more productively.

  Play some of those great Rock and Roll riffs

  Play better rhythm in the style of Carl Perkins, Bruce Welsh (Shadows) and old style Rock & Roll artists.

  Play better Rock & Blues rhythms.

  Play styles like Hank Marvin, Mark Knofler, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top and Brian May.

  Work in a group and learn to play a song (tune)

  This will be suitable for players who can play most basic chords and can play through a 12 bar chord progression. Knowing a few additional songs will be helpful and can play through a pentatonic scale comfortably.

Three aims for the weekend.

Get a, Good Sound - Good Rhythm - Good Solo

There is a Bass place available on this weekend.

Eddie Allen,one of our Rock tutors, has a new Acoustic Rock band on tour
 'The Delta Pilots'                 Download info as pdf


 Eddie Allen & Tony Foad Eddie & Tony  
                                        Foggy Mountain Breakdown MP3

Check out samples from whole CD

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Want advice please ring me on 0844 272 4433

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