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Maintenance course Happy guitar players letters of appreciation

setting up guitars Happy guitar players letters of appreciation

set up guitars Happy guitar players letters of appreciation

chris May maintenance weekend

Happy guitar players letters of appreciation

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Maintenance Weekends

Dear Malcolm,
Just a quick message to say once again how much I enjoyed and valued 
the weekend.  Although I'd read previous comments I was still amazed 
at how much ground we covered and at the difference I was able to 
make to my bass.  Chris not only dispensed a seemingly endless amount 
of information but imparted a great deal of confidence too.  Many 
thanks too for the lift and the accommodation, and to the cook - 
treacle tart and perfect Sunday morning scrambled eggs were just two 
highlights of many!
With best wishes,
Mike.    Maintenance Oct 08

Hi All,
          Let me also add my thanks to Chris and Malcolm for a great weekend, I feel that I really benefited a lot from the experience. It was also a great experience meeting the rest of you and learning from the different perspectives and approaches you provided. Enjoyed the short jam on Saturday night too.

I took the Tele to band rehearsal last night and as I thought might happen, I've picked up a couple of setup projects; a bass and an acoustic.(it's amazing what people will ask for if they think it's free)  I may practice on them before I tackle any more of my own guitars.

Like Brian, I've already made a foray onto the internet and ordered up a fret profiling tool. I'm still trawling through websites looking for a suitable set of nut files to complete my set of "major tools". A visit to my local hardware store will provide the remainder of the important items (I hope!)       Maintenance  Oct 07

Hi Malcolm,

            Thanks for a fantastic weekend. As well as learning much more than I had thought possible, I found the whole experience very relaxing and in such lovely surroundings too.

Im afraid that I neglected to take note of the names or web addresses of suppliers of nut files and fret files, so if you could email me them I would be most grateful I spent yesterday buying everything else!

Looks like Ill probably see you at the show too, thanks again

Mike                        Maintenance 06

Hi Malcolm,
Just wanted to say thanks for the weekend, it was brilliant!  The hotel is extremely comfortable, the food great and Chris's expertise a great asset to the Guitar Weekends.  I've started building up my tools and have a few guitars to get started on.
Thanks again and hope to see you at the guitar show."

Cheers,   Pete.

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