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Hi Malcom, Ronnie, and Rod

I to would like to thank you all for making my weekend one I will not forget.

It was so good to be one of a group of whom I can now call friends.

I lost my son last year in a tragic accident and have been in a very dark place, one of the main things that kept me going was my guitar, and coming on your weekend put some light back into my life and that's the truth, such good company.

Many thanks to you all,      Phil        Blues May 2012


Hi guys!

What a superb weekend that was! Thanks to all of you for your
excellent company, not to mention that endless line of glasses of red
wine that seemed to come my way on the Saturday night (from what I can
remember). Rod, inspirational. Its interesting how the great
players simplify it all down. Thanks to Ronnie and Malcolm for the
seamless organisation. We'll let you off the coffee.

See you all in the musical future, I hope.    Hilary x    Blues May 2012


Hi Malcolm and new friends

Yes - a really great weekend. I met up with some ex-colleagues for a pub lunch today and bored them senseless telling them all abou it.

What am I going to do? Well I had already been making enquiries see if there was interest in forming a blues group based in our area just south of Cambridge. Yesterday I contacted the five people I had lined up and they are all keen - we have a band
in uterus so to speak. If it works out I'll be inviting you all to to make guest appearance!

But seriously it was a special weekend and I should really like to thank Rod, Ronnie, Malcolm and of course all my partners in crime for making it so good.

And if I come on another course I promise to learn a second bass line..........

Simon       Blues May 2012


Thanks Malcolm, it was a great weekend. The tuition was excellent and the company of like minded guitarists made it a very special memory.


For information, I have already converted a spare acoustic into a dedicated slide guitar ready to play Walking Man by Seasick Steve (Open D tuning). Unfortunately, I may have to buy another electric!!!!!!!!! - I am only following instructions and adhering to the excellent advice on the course about having spare guitars.


Regards and best wishes,  John    Blues May 2012





+1 from me Malcolm. Had a great weekend and I too am about to get an acoustic to use for slide. Thought everyone involved were fine people, and most of all, everyone was pulling for each other!

That can only breed success. I'm hoping to be in touch with all at some time or another and maybe meet again? By the way my email address is : The other is my wife who gave me the weekend as a present as you know.


Very best regards to you all.       Steve    Blues May 2012



I'd like to second John A's comments. Beautiful venue, superb tuition, excellent event organisation, and great company.

Thanks for posting pics.

Looking forward to the next one.

All the best,                  Colin       Blues May 2012

Hi Malcom

Thanks for the e mail good picture.

Thanks for sending my phone charger back.

Had a great time and learned loads.

Many thanks Rob                  Maintenance April 2012


...Thank you once again, for spending an unforgettable weekend in Beckfoot.I write to tell you that I�m interested in attending the second part of the guitar maintenance course. I was really pleased with everyone and everything up there during the first part, including Chris, Mrs. Lesley, course program, organization, room and food service and last but not least you of course.   Spyros,  Maintenance April 2012



Hi Malcolm


Just a quick email to say a massive "Thank you" to yourself, Gary, Lesley and all the rest of the Beckfoot Team for yet another brilliant weekend. A fantastic bunch of fellow improvers, too. Let's hope at least some of us will meet up again at a future weekend


The challenge now will be to practise the practice! (or is it practice the practise?)


There is always a sense of anticlimax on the way home after a Beckfoot session so here is the "A66 Blues". A choon what I wrote after the last Strugglers II weekend


Thanks again       Kev                    Improvers March 2012-07-01

Hello Malcolm
Thanks for the stuff you've been sending - reminds me of a great weekend. Very entertaining and challenging as well. Lee was up to his usual standard with quality teaching, examples and materials as well. You really can come home with it and carry on practising where you left off getting properly into some of the things that you couldn't really do right off the bat sitting round the table. And his set on the Sat. night was quality as well. People would pay good money for what was a bonus to us! So thanks again!

We never did sit down properly and talk about the alternative approach to scales/solo technique you mentioned (wasn't really time) - is there any thing you can send me or a direction you can point me in. Not like I haven't got enough to keep me occupied but it sounded interesting to me and I'd be grateful.

Best regards     Martyn Ellison.    Country February  2012


 I feel I learned a lot this time. A few �lightbulb� moments. Thanks Lee and Malcolm.

A big thanks to Chris, John and Derek for various pieces of useful advice and playing tips over the weekend � it all helps.

I hope some or all of this particular collection of country enthusiasts can get together sometime in the future and murder a few more tunes.

Regards to all                              Ivan                Country  Feb 2012


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