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October Lesson

Rhythm/strumming exercise.

Many of the players that come on our weekends are struggling with strumming and find that they keep falling into the same pattern all of the time. These exercises will help you get out of that rut. As used on our Blues weekends together with rhythm exercises used on our Strugglers and Improvers weekends.
 This involves strumming the guitar using a muted sound and working with a metronome. Then applying this to some precise rhythm strumming patterns.

Rhythm/strumming exercise pdf       Click Here

Soundtrack mp3                             Click Here

September lessons

Double stops Lesson (courtesy of Lee Hodgson)

The next video is available now using the other pairing of strings. Remember these videos are in MP4 format so I advise using Quicktime to play them. Free download available from

2nd Lee Hodgson Video        Click Here    large file


Blues Shuffle Lesson

This 3 note harmony blues riff is in 12/8 time which is known as a blues shuffle. By listening to the sound file you can get the idea of how the timing should sound. Rod Sinclair our Blues tutor is playing the shuffle on the sound file recorded from one of our Blues weekends.

Blues Shuffle pdf              Click Here

Blues Shuffle MP3             Click Here

Double stops Lesson (courtesy of Lee Hodgson)

Have you ever been listening to a tune and wondered how the guitarist gets that great sound. A lot of the time it's because he's double stopping. Getting a bit of harmony by using two notes played at the same time. Sounds simple just play two notes at the same time however it's not so easy deciding which two notes work together every time. Also there can be a lot of technique involved on how you play those notes. Mayby bending the first not then adding the second one, adding some heavy distortion, sliding into the double stop or bending both notes and adding a bit of vibrato. Gerry Donahue is a good one to listen to for this. Used clean in country, dirty in blues and lots of octaves in jazz they add lots of interest to any solo or fills.

So to make a start First you have to learn where they are and practise moving between them. Get to know where you are and which ones work best. In the first lesson on the web site I'll show you an idea that Lee Hodgson introduced on our Country weekend. Lee is a great exponent of double stops. His next weekend 31st of August.

Download the pdf first. The mp3 for the backing track will take some time to download and the mp4 for the video even longer. It's worth the wait.

Download pdf for 1st lesson           Click Here

Take these chains           Click Here    large file
(B/track )   

1st Lee Hodgson Video        Click Here    large file

(courtesy of Lick Library)  

Chromatic exercise to do for 5 minutes every time you sit down to practice.
This exercise is just one of the many we use on our weekends. This one is used by Rod Sinclair on our Blues Weekend. All our tutors are qualified teachers working in colleges and institutes all over the country. Rod Sinclair is head of the Degree course at The 'Sage' in Gateshead.

Download the exercise and instructions      Click here

New pdf contains Exercises two and three.

Add a cross picking exercise to the mix.

This is just adding something else into the mix whilst doing the standard exercise. Sorry for not putting the Country double stops in this month, I'll get them ready for next month.

Download the exercise and instructions      Click here

Plus something extra

Black Knight backing track     Click here

Tab pdf for above   Click here

Black Knight riff      Click here


'Parisienne Walkways' backing track        Click here

'Sweet Home Alabama' backing track       Click Here  
  (Tab for the lick)    (The lick slow & Normal)

Some free online Blues    Tuition with Larry Carlton


This is sent as a 'pdf' file so you will need a copy of Adobe reader to see and print these files.

Go to Adobe download site:-

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