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learn to play blues guitar weekend courses for intermediate level players

learn to play blues guitar and slide guitar on weekend courses for intermediate level players

learning to play blues guitar courses

blues guitar and slide guitar residential courses

learn to play blues guitar


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You should come on a standard Blues weekend first before coming on this one but you might be good enough to come on it straight away - just call us for a chat first.

We have another fresh look at the material covered on your first blues weekend and see how much you have retained. Take a look at any problems you've had.

Another look at improvisation and how you can further improve your lead playing skills. You will get plenty of chance to try your skills out.

We still look at both acoustic and electric playing.

Develop your practice regime even further with ways guaranteed to improve your playing.

A lot of practical workshops where you do the playing and work on projects.

Add some more scales into your toolbox in order to improve your improvising skills. Including a look at some modal scales.

A look at the playing style of Robben Ford together with chords and scales used by him.

Another look at slide playing with a more practical hands on approach than the first blues weekend. 

Saturday night project where we will record the culminating tunes produced by the two groups.

If you have been on the Blues One weekend then revise the material before coming on this one.


If you want advice please ring us on 0844 272 4433

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