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learn to play blues guitar weekend courses for intermediate level players

learn to play blues guitar and slide guitar on weekend courses for intermediate level players

learning to play blues guitar courses

blues guitar and slide guitar residential courses

learn to play blues guitar


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An introduction to Guitar Weekends

The most common question I get is,
"How good do I need to be?" My answer to that is
"As good as you are now!". 

What happens and when

These residential guitar weekend courses at Farncombe and other venues around the country are held throughout the year. They have been specifically developed for hobby-players of a more mature age to improve their playing, meet other like minded players and have a great time. For those of you who have already retired you can really get to grips improving your ability as well as making new friends.

The Guitar Weekend runs from just after 3pm Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon after lunch and you just play, learn and relax through out the fully residential weekend. Your time here is completely devoted to guitar related activities. We do cater for non residential players as well. 

On the Friday, having arrived sometime in the afternoon we help you get to know the other players on the weekend. This helps you to feel more at ease when it comes to playing and learning during the workshops which start in earnest on the Saturday morning. 
We gradually get you playing on the Friday to get you warmed up, both before and after dinner and we do a lot of talking to find out what each of you wants to get from the weekend. Playing usually goes on till midnight but this is not essential as Saturday is a long busy day.

The Saturday consists of workshops throughout the day (9.15 till 5.30) based around the specific techniques and knowledge required for the style of weekend you are attending. With breaks during the day for coffee, lunch and afternoon tea. We then have personal time till dinner at 7pm after which we continue with a project where we split the group and each part learns a tune to be played and recorded.

Some want to learn specific techniques others just want a chance to play. The weekend is a balance of structured workshops, projects, organised jam sessions and relaxation. 

On the Saturday evening after dinner we do like to split the group into two or more smaller groups. Each group will then learn and present a simple tune or song after spending time preparing and arranging who does what and using some of the principles and techniques learned during the day.

We have people of all ages and all abilities on our weekends and I make it a point to put people at ease. It's quite daunting to come away and join folks you don't know, I know because I'm in the same position as you just a bedroom player with a lot to learn. It is fun to work with others and certainly improves your ability, so do not be put off and give it a try. 
Guitar weekends are not just a jam session! 

I would not advise raw beginners to come along, you do need to know a few chords and be able to play some lead. It doesn't matter if you cannot finish the tunes. I have that problem! We have a special Back to basics weekend with Lin Flanagan called Strugglers weekend this includes core subjects to help you improve your playing both here and when you get back home. Also an
Improvers  weekend with Gary Dunn which covers the same core subjects, but with more electric guitars and a leaning towards classic rock. All the essentials to improve your guitar playing on a weekend course. If you are not sure which weekend to come on then come on one of these.

Always feel free to call me for advice    01931 713241  (Malcolm)


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