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learn to play blues guitar weekend courses for intermediate level players

learn to play blues guitar and slide guitar on weekend courses for intermediate level players

learning to play blues guitar courses

blues guitar and slide guitar residential courses

learn to play blues guitar



Learn to play blues guitar holiday breaks

On this weekend we will cover;

Effective practising; Develop a practice routine that is guaranteed
    to improve your performance and speed up your ability to learn.

Play what you hear - hear what you play. Develop your listening
    and aural skills: training your ear will make you a better player.

There is no music theory, just music practice: how a little theory
    goes a long way - a painless approach to understanding music

Blues Rhythm playing, from Texas to Chicago the journey of the
    blues shuffle.
 Using simple ideas to create great rhythm playing.

Double stops combined with pedal notes and turnarounds.

Sliding chords which are perfect for slow blues, 'Less is More' it
    really can be.

Developing rhythmic accuracy.

Blues soloing and improvising.

The power of the pentatonic scale: major and minor, add a touch
    of the chromatic scale and stand back.

Phrasing 'It's not what you say it's how you say it'. Producing the
    perfect note: String bending, vibrato, sliding and other techniques.

Open tunings for electric and acoustic slide playing. 

A little old style rhythmic acoustic playing. 

How to get started on slide playing.

On the Saturday evening you will get a chance to put your new  
    skills into practice when learning a tune to perform with your half of
    the group. Don't worry it's fairly simple stuff. We'll record it as well.

A great holiday break where you will join other like-minded players
    for an excellent social and informative weekend.

There is a Bass place available on most Blues weekends

DVD available from Rod Sinclair on Slide Playing



What would be handy to practice before coming on weekend

Want advice please ring me on 0844 272 4433

Training in jazz and popular music.
in music on a BMus Course.


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