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Rock & Gear and a free lesson.

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Hi Folks           

Welcome to July's Newsletter. Well, our glorious summer rolls on – maybe not the correct adjective; drought then flood with limited sun! The England football team has just crashed out of UEFA Euro 2012 and our Olympic Team GB seems to be stuttering in some departments before the start of the great event. Mix all of this in with the constant media flood of austerity and depression not to mention banking fraud.

 Are there any reasons to be cheerful?

 At the time of writing this Newsletter, Andy Murray is surviving well in Wimbledon and the England Cricket team has just beaten the West Indies AND we have two brilliant Guitar Weekend courses coming up in the next two months – tenuous link I know.

·         20 July - Rock & Gear (with the irrepressible Eddie Allen)

·         31 Aug – Country (with, compared to Eddie, the serene Lee Hodgson) #

Free Lesson

Continuing with our free lessons; something that is covered in great detail by our Country tutor, Lee Hodgson, and also looked at on all of our Weekends - Double Stops. More on this later in the Newsletter.

Rock & Gear Weekend  (20th of July, Cotswolds).

Any Rockabilly (Carl Perkins), or classic rock (ZZ Top) fans, will love this Weekend. Eddie Allen is currently touring with Marty Wilde together with his mate Neville Marten from GT magazine but he's taken a weekend off to do this Weekend for us. Eddie was the first editor for Guitarist magazine when it was in Ely and he was also the main demonstrator for Fender Guitars and Amps in the UK for many years.

If you need to get a better sound from your amp and guitar, plus find out what FX you really need and how to connect them then this is the Weekend for you. It's a chance to learn some great rhythm techniques a, rock & roll riffs and classic rock sounds. With a look at more contemporary rock techniques and how to sort out your own backing tracks we can guarantee you an excellent and rewarding Weekend. Only a couple of places left now and just to help you make up your mind we’re offering a special offer below.
Aims for weekend - good sound - great rhythm - and a solo.

Download the Summary for the weekend and add your own requests.  Click here

Rock & Gear Improvers Country


We were really sorry to hear about Johnny Dickinson’s debilitating illness – I saw Johnny perform with Tommy Emmanuel some 6 years ago in Wargrave – what a smooth slide player and laid-back singer – very tuneful and easy on the ear! I’ll never forget his question to Tommy on the night, “Are there any chords I can help you with?”  I didn’t even have to convert my wife to Johnny’s music – his songs are cool, slick and sometimes haunting – check him out if you haven’t heard Johnny – you won’t be disappointed and you could really help him and his family at this time if you order his latest compilation download.    Only £5 and it includes artists such as :

All have given a track to make up this excellent download.

If there is some interesting local guitar-related news out there that you want us to mention then just let us know.

Special offers on at the moment **   
** Eddie Allen's Rock & Gear Weekend, 20th July for £325 (fully residential) just quote EASP-Jul12       
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Our Improvers Rock Weekend has moved to the Westmorland hotel (Cumbria) to make way for our new Introduction To Jazz Weekend which starts on 16 Nov at Farncombe (The Cotswolds). This course is filling up very nicely – if you’re interested in venturing off the beaten track from Blues, Rock or Country then this course can be a gentle introduction to this genre for the newcomer or, for the already-converted, some excellent help to crack through any aspects you might be struggling with. 


The 2013 course schedule is nearly finalised over the next two weeks and it will be posted on the web site – I’ll also publish it in next month's Newsletter. You’ll see lots of familiar courses and hopefully some new ones (an Acoustic-only is already planned). 

By the way, if you have any suggestions for courses that you would like to go on, but don’t think that there’s anything suitable there right now, then just let us know. We are always on the lookout for these. I think adding new courses is good for students and tutors alike.

See Requirements page. to see what you need to come on a weekend.




Free Lesson

Now lets have a look at some harmony, double stops or just playing two notes at the same time.

Have you ever been listening to a tune and wondered how the guitarist gets that great sound. A lot of the time it's because he's double stopping. Getting a bit of harmony by using two notes played at the same time. Sounds simple just play two notes at the same time however it's not so easy deciding which two notes work together every time. Also there can be a lot of technique involved on how you play those notes. Mayby bending the first not then adding the second one, adding some heavy distortion, sliding into the double stop or bending both notes and adding a bit of vibrato. Gerry Donahue is a good one to listen to for this. Used clean in country, dirty in blues and lots of octaves in jazz they add lots of interest to any solo or fills.

So to make a start First you have to learn where they are and practise moving between them. Get to know where you are and which ones work best. In the first lesson on the web site I'll show you an idea that Lee Hodgson introduced on our Country weekend. Lee is a great exponent of double stops. His next weekend 31st of August.     

The link to download pdf with instructions & tab:-  click here
another backing track and video lesson available on this web site page.
Thanks to Lee Hodgson and Lick Library for this months lesson


We really value your feedback on the exercises/lessons – having received some excellent comments it seems the exercises certainly seem to be making a difference for some players. Keep your comments coming? If you have any tried-and-tested exercises that you’d like to share then let us know; for next month we have an excellent rhythm/strumming exercise to tell you about.

"Hi Malcolm,
I've been doing the first lesson virtually every time I pick the guitar up. I spend at least five minutes at least once a day. The other times maybe just up and down a few times. Sometimes my left hand plays itself, other times it's like I'm doing it for the first time! It works wonders for the alternate picking though; I do that almost without thinking about it now."              All the best     Dave W

 Click here for More customer comments


 We mentioned last month about the superb collective tutoring talent that we have here at Guitar Weekends; our Facebook following and repeat customers are testament to this. The combination of these tutors and our great venues means that it’s a real missed opportunity and experience for those of you out there who haven’t tried one of our courses yet. Check out some of the comments from earlier weekends this year.    Click Here


Best regards to you all

  Ronnie and Malcolm

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