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If you're looking to improve your guitar skills, build up your confidence, put in some serious playing with other guitarists, expand your repertoire and pick up some really useful theory along the way, whilst having a thoroughly great time, then our weekend teaching retreats are for you.

These are group residential weekend tuition courses for raw beginners, strugglers, to intermediate to semi-pros covering Blues to Jazz, Rock to Folk, Country to Rhythm, Gypsy to ...  you get the idea! We've been delivering these courses since 1994 with our unique blend and focus on technique, contextual theory and repertoire.

LEARNING and FUN are at the heart of everything!

Vouchers are ideal gifts for others as well as for anyone who wants to go on a course but isnít sure which one to choose. They allow time to talk through the various courses and decide on the most suitable option..

          Check out our 2016 timetable of course on the DATES page.


More about our courses

All our courses have detailed Course Overviews - if something catches your eye then email us and we'll send you out one or more overviews for you to scan through and then follow up with a quick chat; we're obsessive about making sure a course 'fits the bill'.

We use great venues in Berkshire, Wiltshire, North Somerset and Cumbria, and we've even ventured to Stirlingshire on occasion. We employ top professional tutors who are both teachers and gigging musicians.

The courses are, first and foremost, group teaching weekends but we manage to squeeze in ample jamming sessions (often into the early hours!) and allow individuals some personal space for private practice and one-on-one tuition as well as opportunities for solo performances.

A classic scenario - you've played for a while but mostly at home, you're stuck in a rut, when someone says "you play the guitar, give us a tune" panic sets in, you're not sure of your relative standard, you really want to play along with others, improve your technique and consistency, etc. Our back-to-basics and entry level courses are designed for these needs. Strugglers and Improvers Weekends are sensible and safe starting points in our raft of course options. Just ask for a Course Overview if you need to find out more!

I guess the success of our courses is determined by not only what has been achieved on a course in terms of imparting knowledge and improving confidence but fundamentally by how many students come back again and again for refreshers and brand new courses - they do, in their droves! Check out our studentsí testimonials.

A Weekend is hard work but made easier by the structured, relaxed and supportive way we run it. Our prices are all-inclusive with options covering fully residential to non-residential to sharing with a partner/spouse.

If youíre asking yourself if youíre good enough or confident enough - donít worry! Our tutors are incredibly experienced at pushing everyone, regardless of ability, without making them feel uncomfortable.

Bass guitarists are especially welcome on most of our courses.

If youíre interested then there are many ways to find out more about what Guitar Weekends can offer:

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